Students Design Mural At FedExField


Students from Cora L. Rice Elementary School spent time this week working on a mural at FedExField in Landover, Md., that displays their love for the Redskins and gives the stadium’s parking lot extra spirit. 

FedExField received a bit of beautification this week.

Fifth and sixth graders from Cora L. Rice Elementary School designed a mural this week that shows off their love for the Redskins. The two-day art project consists of 42 Redskins themed pieces on jersey barriers that stretch across the Orange A Lot. The mural is paintings of various Redskins slogans, including HTTR, and showcases the students’ love for the burgundy and gold proudly.

The art also showcases the school and their students with handprints adorning many areas of the spirited painting.  

The mural leads fans to the RedZone lot, which features numerous attractions that are worth getting to the game early for including food trucks, live bands, a Video Game Truck and appearances from the First Ladies of Football each game.

Make sure to check out the new look the next time you are at FedExField!

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