About the Leadership Council:

Since the inception of the Foundation in 2000, the Leadership Council has been at the forefront of the organization’s efforts to help improve the lives of children in our community. These business leaders in the community not only provide financial resources, access to a professional network and widespread expertise, but their generosity and support are second to none and are essential to the success of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.

Leadership Council Members:

Shaza Andersen
Trustar Bank

Wayne Berson

Casey Box
Kellar Family Foundation

Scott Davidson
GCO Consulting Group

Laura Degnon
Degnon Associates

Lawrence Di Rita
Bank of America

Larry Duncan
Lockheed Martin

J. Stephen Jones, MD
Inova Center For Personal Health

Mary Kellar
Kellar Family Foundation

Serge Matta
ICX Media, Inc.

Dave Morgan
STS International

Mark Moseley
Redskins Alumni

Micki Purcell
Walking with Anthony

Rhodes Ritenour
Bon Secours

Robert Rothman
Black Diamond Capital

Paul Saville
NVR, Inc.

Dwight Schar
NVR, Inc.

Frederick Smith
FedEx Corporation

Bryan Specht
ICF Next

Andy Sriubas

Kylie Stupka
Youth Entrepreneurs

Kenny Thompson, Jr.

Danielle White

Join The Council

Join The Council

With your help, we can continue our mission to make a positive and measurable impact on young people in the greater Washington, DC region.