Mental Health Therapist

Hometown: Clinton, MD

Tenure: 4th Year

College: Howard University


Why I Cheer: I have always loved to dance and cheer! I truly love the First Ladies of Football's brand as it highlights not only dancing but also diverse successful women! We affect others when they see that there is a face or life story that represents them. I also love to help young girls develop their confidence through dance and cheerleading.

Most memorable moment as a Redskins Cheerleader: Hearing my name called when I made the team was by far the best moment! I was in tears and I knew I was so ready for this experience. Four seasons later, I am still blessed and grateful for this opportunity!

Favorite quote: "Without struggle there is no progress!"- Frederick Douglass

Favorite book: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Favorite movie: I love Marvel movies! My favorite Marvel movie is currently "Black Panther!" I love its representation of culture, and the story line that represents more than the actual superpowers of a superhero.