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Redskins Talk: Updates On Williams, Thompson And Others, Plus Fresh Falcons Over/Unders And A 1-On-1 With Mason Foster

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and a hopefully louder John Keim united for this final Redskins Talk episode before the Falcons matchup. In it, they discuss the murkiness of Trent Williams' injury as well as Chris Thompson's issues, Byron Marshall's place on the 'Skins, a new set of over/unders, the special vibe that's permeating in the locker room and what to expect when Atlanta comes to town. After that, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 with Mason Foster, where the LB goes in-depth on his season as well as the defense. He's one of the better talkers on the team, so pay attention. If you like podcasts where JP talks about his hatred for automatic car doors and Siri makes her first appearance on RT, then this is the episode for you.