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  • Mon., Jun. 26, 2017 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM EDT ESPN Radio

    ESPN Radio is an American sports radio network. Listen online and check out behind the scenes action of all your favorite ESPN Radio hosts.

    Listen here.

  • Mon., Jun. 26, 2017 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT Cooley & Kevin

    Join Cooley & Kevin on each weekday morning from 7-11am on ESPN980!

  • Mon., Jun. 26, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT The Bram Weinstein Show

    Bram Weinstein is the latest addition to ESPN 980’s team, hosting “The Bram Weinstein Show” weekdays from 11am-1pm presented by Window Nation!   “The Bram Weinstein Show” will deliver provocative sportstalk led by Weinstein, whose passion for DC sports runs deep, having grown up in Silver Spring, MD.

  • Mon., Jun. 26, 2017 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT Live Inside the Locker Room

    Join Doc Walker, B-Mitch and Scott Jackson weekday afternoons at their new, expanded time – 1pm-4pm on ESPN980! Now you can watch or listen LIVE here at select dates and times. (Note: You may need to refresh your browser window if the live video stream has not yet started below.)

    Download the latest episodes of Inside the Locker Room in the ESPN 980 AudioVault, the ESPN 980 App for iPhone and Android, and iTunes.

  • Mon., Jun. 26, 2017 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT The Steve Czaban Show

    Steve Czaban is live from 4-7pm on ESPN980!

  • Tue., Jun. 27, 2017 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM EDT The Morning Blitz

    The Morning Blitz with Al Galdi is a fast-moving, high-energy show that covers everything you need to begin your day.  Redskins, Nationals, Wizards, Capitals, Terps, Hoyas, Orioles…Galdi covers them all in addition to hitting on the national sports stories that matter to you.  Galdi is a DMV-lifer, a huge proponent of analytics and a big fan of old-school hip-hop.  He also hosts The Official Redskins Postgame Show after every Redskins game and Chin Music with Al Galdi on Saturdays from 9am-10am.  Tweet him: @AlGaldi

  • Tue., Jun. 27, 2017 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT Cooley & Kevin

    Join Cooley & Kevin on each weekday morning from 7-11am on ESPN980!

  • Tue., Jun. 27, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT The Bram Weinstein Show

    Bram Weinstein is the latest addition to ESPN 980’s team, hosting “The Bram Weinstein Show” weekdays from 11am-1pm presented by Window Nation!   “The Bram Weinstein Show” will deliver provocative sportstalk led by Weinstein, whose passion for DC sports runs deep, having grown up in Silver Spring, MD.

  • Tue., Jun. 27, 2017 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT Live Inside the Locker Room

    Join Doc Walker, B-Mitch and Scott Jackson weekday afternoons at their new, expanded time – 1pm-4pm on ESPN980! Now you can watch or listen LIVE here at select dates and times. (Note: You may need to refresh your browser window if the live video stream has not yet started below.)

    Download the latest episodes of Inside the Locker Room in the ESPN 980 AudioVault, the ESPN 980 App for iPhone and Android, and iTunes.

  • Tue., Jun. 27, 2017 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT The Steve Czaban Show

    Steve Czaban is live from 4-7pm on ESPN980!


All-Time Roster

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Absher, Dick, LB, Maryland     1967
Adams, John, T, Notre Dame    1945-49
Adams, Willie, LB, New Mexico State     1965-66
Addison, Mario, LB, Troy    2012
Adickes, Mark, G, Baylor    1990-91
Adduci, Nick, B, Nebraska    1954-55
Aguirre, Joe, E, St. Mary’s (CA)     1941, 1943-45
Akers, David, K, Louisville    1998-99
Akins, Frank, B, Washington State    1943-46
Alban, Dick, B, Northwestern    1952-55
Albright, Ethan, LS, North Carolina     2001-09
Aldrich, Ki, C, TCU     1939-42, 1945-47
Alexander, Lorenzo, DL/LB, California    2007-12
Alexander, Patrise, DT, SW Louisiana    1996-98
Alexander, Shaun, RB, Alabama    2008
Alexander, Stephen, TE, Oklahoma    1998-01
Alford, Bruce, K, TCU     1967
Allen, Anthony, WR, Washington    1987-88
Allen, Jerry, B, Nebraska-Omaha    1967-69
Allen, John, C, Purdue    1955-58
Allen, Terry, RB, Clemson    1995-98
Alston, Mack, TE, Maryland State     1970-72
Amerson, David, CB, North Carolina State    2013-14
Ananis, Vito, B, Boston College    1945
Anderson, Bill, E, Tennessee     1958-63
Anderson, Bob, RB, Colorado     1975
Anderson, Bruce, E, Williamette    1970
Anderson, David, WR, Colorado State    2011
Anderson, Erick, LB, Michigan    1994
Anderson, Gary, G, Stanford     1980
Anderson, Stuart, LB, Virginia     1982-85
Anderson, Terry, WR, Bethune-Cookman    1978
Anderson, Willie “Flipper”, WR, UCLA     1996
Andrako, Steve, C, Ohio State    1940
Apsit, Megs, B, USC    1933
Archer, David, QB, Iowa State    1988
Archuleta, Adam, S, Arizona State     2006
Arenz, Arnie, LB, St. Louis    1934
Ariri, Obed, K, Clemson    1987
Armstead, Jessie, LB, Miami    2002-03
Armstrong, Anthony, WR, West Texas A&M    2010-11
Arneson, Jim, G, Arizona    1975
Arnold, Walt, TE, New Mexico    1984
Arrington, LaVar, LB, Penn State     2000-05
Artman, Corrie, T, Stanford    1932
Asher, Jamie, TE, Louisville     1995-98
Ashmore, Darryl, OL, Northwestern     1996-97
Atkeson, Dale, B, No College    1954-56
Atkins, Pervis, RB, New Mexico State    1964-65
Atkinson, Jess, K, Maryland     1986-87
Atogwe, Oshiomogho, S, Stanford    2011
Audet, Earl, T, USC     1945
Austin, Terrence, WR, UCLA      2010-11
Aveni, John, WR/K, Indiana    1961
Avery, Don, T, USC    1946-47
Avery, Jim, E, Northern Illinois    1966

Bacon, Coy, DE, Jackson State     1978-81
Badaczewski, John, G, Western Reserve     1949-51
Badanjek, Rick, RB, Maryland    1986
Badger, Brad, G/T, Stanford    1997-99
Bagarus, Steve, RB, Notre Dame    1945-46, 1948
Bagdon, Ed, G, Michigan State     1952
Bailey, Champ, CB, Georgia     1999-03
Bailey, Robert, CB, Miami    1995
Baker, Chris, DL, Hampton    2012-14
Baker, Sam, K, Oregon State    1953, 1956-59
Balmer, Kentwan, DE, North Carolina    2011
Baltzell, Vic, DB, Southwestern (Kan.)     1935
Bandison, Romeo, DT, Oregon     1995-96
Bandy, Don, G, Tulsa     1967-68
Banks, Brandon, WR, Kansas State     2010-12
Banks, Carl, LB, Michigan State    1993
Banks, Tony, QB, Michigan State    2001
Banks, Willie, G, Alcorn A&M    1968-69
Banta, Jack, RB, USC     1941
Barber, Ernie, C, San Francisco    1945
Barber, Jim, T, San Francisco    1935-41
Barber, Shawn, LB, Richmond     1998-01
Barefoot, Ken, E, Virginia Tech     1968
Barfield, Ken, T, Mississippi    1954
Barker, Bryan, P, Santa Clara     2001-03
Barker, Ed, E, Washington State    1954
Barker, Tony, LB, Rice    1992
Barnes, Billy Ray, RB, Wake Forest    1962-63
Barnes, Brandon, LB, Missouri    2004
Barnes, Kevin, CB, Maryland    2009-11
Barnes, Tomur, CB, North Texas     1996
Barnes, Walt, DT, Nebraska    1966-68
Barnett, Doug, DE, Azusa Pacific    1985
Barnett, Nick, LB, Oregon State    2013
Barnett, Steve, T, Oregon    1964
Barnett, Troy, DT, North Carolina    1996
Barnhardt, Tommy, P, North Carolina     1988, 2000
Barni, Roy, B, San Francisco     1955-56
Barnwell, Malcolm, WR, Virginia Union     1985
Barrington, Tom, B, Ohio State    1966
Barrow, Mike, LB, Miami (IR)    2004
Barry, Paul, B, Tulsa    1953
Bartel, Richard, QB, Tarleton State     2009
Bartos, Hank, G, North Carolina    1938
Bartos, Joe, B, Navy    1950
Bass, Mike, DB, Michigan    1969-75
Bassi, Dick, G, Santa Clara     1937
Bates, Michael, KR, Arizona    2001
Batiste, D’Anthony, G, Louisiana-Lafayette    2009
Batiste, Michael, G, Tulane    1998
Battaglia, Marco, TE, Rutgers    2001
Battles, Cliff, B, West Virginia Wesleyan    1932-37
Baugh, Sam, QB, TCU     1937-52
Bauman, Rashad, CB, Oregon    2002-03
Baughan, Maxie, LB, Georgia Tech    1974
Bausch, Frank (Pete), C, Kansas    1934-36
Bayless, Martin, S, Bowling Green     1994
Beasley, Tom, DL, Virginia Tech    1984-86
Beatty, Ed, C, Mississippi     1961
Beauharnais, Steve, LB, Rutgers    2014
Beban, Gary, QB, UCLA    1968-69
Beck, John, QB, BYU    2011
Bedell, Brad (IA-4), OL, Colorado    2003
Bedore, Tom, G, Pepperdine    1944
Beinor, Ed, T, Notre Dame     1941-42
Bell, Coleman, TE, Miami     1995
Bell, William, RB, Georgia Tech     1994-96
Bellamy, Josh, WR, Louisville    2013
Benish, Dan, DT, Clemson     1987
Benson, Cliff, TE, Purdue     1987
Bentley, Scott, K, Florida State    2000
Bernstine, Jordan, S, Iowa    2012
Berrang, Ed, E, Villanova     1949-52
Berschet, Merve, G, Illinois    1954-55
Betts, Ladell, RB, Iowa     2002-08
Bidwell, Josh, P, Oregon     2010
Bigby, Keiron, WR, Brown     1987
Biggers, E.J., CB, Western Michigan    2013-14
Biggs, Verlon, DE, Jackson State    1971-74
Bingham, Guy, C, Montana     1992-93
Birlem, Keith, B, San Jose State    1939
Black, Jordan, T, Notre Dame    2012
Blades, H.B., LB, Pittsburgh    2007-10
Blanchard, Cary, K, Oklahoma State    1998
Blanton, Scott, K, Oklahoma     1996-98
Boensch, Fred, G, Stanford    1947-48
Boll, Don, T, Nebraska     1953-59
Bond, Chuck, T, Washington    1937-38
Bond, Randall, B, Washington    1938
Bonner, Brian, LB, Minnesota    1989
Boose, Dorian, DE, Washington State    2001
Bosch, Frank, DT, Colorado    1968-70
Boschetti, Ryan, DL, UCLA     2004-08
Bosseler, Don, B, Miami    1957-64
Bostic, Jeff, C, Clemson     1980-93
Boswell, Ben, T, TCU     1934
Boutte, Marc, DT, LSU     1994-99
Bowen, Alvin, LB, Iowa State    2009
Bowen, Matt, S, Iowa    2003-05
Bowen, Stephen, DE, Hofstra    2011-14
Bowie, Larry, FB, Georgia     1996-99
Bowles, Todd, S, Temple     1986-90, 92-93
Boykin, Deral, S, Louisville     1994
Braatz, Tom, DE, Marquette    1957-59
Bradley, Harold, E, Elon     1938-39
Bragg, Mike, P, Richmond    1968-79
Branch, Bruce, KR, Penn State     2002
Branch, Reggie, RB, East Carolina     1985-89
Brandes, John, TE, Cameron    1990-92
Brandt, David, OL, Michigan    2001
Brantley, John, LB, Georgia    1992
Breding, Ed, LB, Texas A&M    1967-68
Breedlove, Rod, LB, Maryland    1960-64
Breeland, Bashaud, CB, Clemson    2014
Brennan, Colt, QB, Hawaii    2008-09
Brewer, Homer, B, Mississippi    1960
Briggs, Bill, DE, Iowa    1966-67
Briggs, Bob, B, Central Oklahoma State     1965
Brilz, Darrick, G, Oregon State     1987
Briscoe, Dezmon, WR, Kansas    2012
Brito, Gene, DE, Loyola (CA)     1951-53, 1955-58
Britt, Ed, B, Holy Cross    1936-37
Britt, Oscar, G, Mississippi    1946
Brohm, Jeff, QB, Louisville     1995
Brooks, Bill, WR, Boston University    1996
Brooks, Durant, P, Wake Forest    2008
Brooks, Perry, DT, Southern     1978-84
Brooks, Reggie, RB, Notre Dame    1993-95
Broughton, Nehemiah, RB, The Citadel     2005-07
Brown, Antonio, WR, West Virginia    2004-05
Brown, Buddy, G, Arkansas     1951-52
Brown, Charlie, WR, South Carolina St    1982-84
Brown, Dan, E, Villanova    1950
Brown, Doug, DT, Simon Fraser     1998-99
Brown, Eddie, S, Tennessee    1975-77
Brown, Everette, LB, Florida State    2014
Brown, Hardy, LB, Tulsa    1950
Brown, Jamie, T, Florida A&M    1999
Brown, Jammal, T, Oklahoma     2010-11
Brown, Larry, RB, Kansas State    1969-76
Brown, Ray, G, Arkansas State    1989-95, 2004-05
Brown, Rufus, CB, Florida State    2004
Brown, Tom, DB, Maryland    1969
Brown,Wilbert,OL, Houston     2002
Brownlow, Darrick, LB, Illinois     1995-96
Brueckman, Charley, C, Pittsburgh     1958
Brundige, Bill, DE, Colorado    1970-77
Brunell, Mark, QB, Washington     2004-07
Brunet, Bob, RB, Louisiana Tech     1968, 1970-77
Bryant, Anthony, DL, Alabama      2010
Bryant, Kelvin, RB, North Carolina     1986-88, 1990
Bryant, Trent, CB, Arkansas    1981
Buchanon, Phillip, CB, Miami (IR 2011)     2010-11
Buck, Jason, DE, BYU    1991-93
Buckley, Curtis, CB, East Texas State     1999-2000
Budd, Frank, WR, Villanova    1963
Buggs, Danny, WR, West Virginia    1976-79
Bukich, Rudy, QB, USC    1957-58
Buksar, George, B, Purdue     1951-52
Bunch, Derek, LB, Michigan State    1987
Burks, Shawn, LB, LSU     1986
Burkus, Carl, T, George Washington    1948
Burman, George, G, Northwestern    1971-72
Burmeister, Danny, S, North Carolina     1987
Burnett, Chester, LB, Arizona    1998
Burrell, John, WR, Rice     1966-67
Busich, Sam, E, Ohio State     1936
Butkus, Carl, T, George Washington    1948
Butler, Crezdon, CB, Clemson    2012
Butsko, Harry, LB, Maryland    1963
Butz, Dave, DT, Purdue    1975-88
Buzbee, Alex, DE, Georgetown    2007-08
Byner, Earnest, RB, East Carolina     1989-93
Byrd, Dominique, TE, USC    2011

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Cafego, George, QB, Tennessee     1943
Caldwell, Ravin, LB, Arkansas     1987-92
Caldwell, Reche, WR, Florida    2007
Campbell, Jason, QB, Auburn     2005-09
Campbell, Jesse, S, North Carolina State    1997-98
Campbell, Khary, LB, Bowling Green    2004-08
Campbell, Matt, OL, South Carolina    2001
Campiglio, Bob, B, W. Liberty State     1933
Campofreda, Nick, C, Western Maryland     1944
Campora, Don, T, Pacific    1953
Canidate, Trung, RB, Arizona    2003
Caravello, Joe, TE, Tulane    1987-88
Carlson, Mark, T, S. Connecticut State     1987
Carpenter, Brian, CB, Michigan    1983-84
Carpenter, Preston, E, Arkansas    1964-66
Carr, Jim, LB, Morris Harvey     1964-65
Carriker, Adam, DE, Nebraska     2010-12
Carrier, Mark, FS, USC    2000
Carroll, Jim, LB, Notre Dame    1966-68
Carroll, Leo, DE, San Diego State    1969-70
Carroll, Vic, T, Nevada     1936-42
Carson, John, E, Georgia    1954-59
Carter, Andre, DE, California    2006-10
Carter, Ki-Jana, RB, Penn State    2001
Carter, Tom, CB, Notre Dame     1993-96
Cartwright, Rock, RB, Kansas State    2002-08
Casares, Rick, RB, Florida     1965
Caster, Rich, TE, Jackson State    1981-82
Castiglia, Jim, B, Georgetown     1947-48
Catanho, Al, LB, Rutgers    1996
Centers, Larry, RB, Stephen F. Austin     1999-00
Chamberlain, Byron, TE, Wayne State    2003
Chandler, Jeff, K, Florida    2004
Chase, Martin, DT, Oklahoma     2003
Cherne, Hal, T, DePaul    1933
Cherry, Raphel, S, Hawaii     1985
Chester, Chris, G, Oklahoma    2011-14
Cheverko, George, B, Ohio State    1948
Choice, Tashard, RB, Georgia Tech    2011
Christensen, Erik, E, Richmond    1956
Churchwell, Don, T, Mississippi    1959
Cichowski, Gene, B, Indiana     1958-59
Cifers, Ed, E, Tennessee    1941-42, 1946
Clair, Frank, E, Ohio State    1941
Claitt, Rickey, FB, Bethune-Cookman    1980-81
Clark, Algy, DB, Ohio State     1932
Clark, Devin, OL, New Mexico    2008
Clark, Gary, WR, James Madison     1985-92
Clark, Jim, G, Oregon    1952-53
Clark, Mike, DE, Florida    1981
Clark, Ryan, DB, LSU    2004-05, 14
Clay, Billie, B, Mississippi     1966
Clay, Ozzie, B, Iowa State    1964
Clemons, Chris, LB, Georgia    2003-05
Clemons, Nic, DL, Georgia     2005
Clifton, Gregory, WR, Johnson C. Smith     1993
Cloud, John, B, William & Mary    1952-53
Cochran, Tom, B, Auburn    1949
Cofer, Joe, S, Tennessee    1987
Coffey, Ken, S, SW Texas State     1983-86
Cofield, Jr., Barry, NT, Northwestern    2011-14
Coia, Angelo, WR, USC     1964-65
Coleman, Ben, OL, Wake Forest    2001
Coleman, Greg, P, Florida A&M    1988
Coleman, Marco, DE, Georgia Tech     1999-01
Coleman, Monte, LB, Central Arkansas     1979-94
Coles, Laveranues, WR, Florida State     2003-04
Collier, Jim, E, Arkansas    1963
Collins, Andre, LB, Penn State    1990-94
Collins, Paul, (Rip), E, Pittsburgh     1932-35
Collins, Shane, DE, Arizona State    1992-94
Collins, Todd, QB, Michigan    2006-08
Compton, Tom, T, South Dakota    2013-14
Compton, Will, LB, Nebraska    2013-14
Concannon, Rick, G, NYU    1934-36
Condit, Merle, B, Carnegie Tech     1945
Conklin, Cary, QB, Washington    1990-93
Conkright, Bill, C, Oklahoma    1943
Connell, Albert, WR, Texas A&M     1997-00
Connell, Mike, P, Cincinnati    1980-81
Conway, Brett, K, Penn State    1998-02
Cook, Anthony, DE, South Carolina State    1999
Cook, Erik, OL, New Mexico     2011
Cooley, Chris, TE, Utah State     2004-12
Copeland, Anthony, LB, Louisville    1987
Copeland, Danny, S, Eastern Kentucky     1991-93
Corbitt, Don, C, Arizona    1948
Cortez, Jose, K, Oregon St    2002
Coupee, Al, B, Iowa    1946
Cousins, Kirk, QB, Michigan State    2012-14
Cowne, John, C, Virginia Tech     1987
Cowsette, Del, DT, Maryland    2001-02
Cox, Bill, B, Duke    1951-52, 1955
Cox, Steve, P, Arkansas    1985-88
Coyle, Eric, C, Colorado    1987
Crabb, Claude, CB, Colorado    1962-63
Crane, Dennis, DT, USC     1968-69
Crawford, Richard, CB, SMU    2012
Crews, Terry, LB, Western Michigan    1995
Crisler, Harold, E, San Jose State    1948-49
Crissy, Cris, WR, Princeton     1981
Croftcheck, Don, G, Indiana     1965-66
Cronan, Peter, LB, Boston College     1981-85
Cronin, Gene, DE, Pacific    1961-62
Crossan, Dave, C, Maryland     1965-69
Crotty, Jim, B, Notre Dame    1960-61
Crow, Orien, C, Haskell Indian School     1934
Crutchfield, Buddy,CB, N. Carolina Central    1998
Cudzik, Walt, C, Purdue     1954
Cundiff, Billy, K, Drake    2012
Cunningham, Doug, RB, Mississippi     1974
Cunningham, Jim, RB, Pittsburgh     1961-63
Curtis, Bobby, LB, Savannah State     1987
Curtis, Mike, LB, Duke    1977-78
Curtis, Travis, S, West Virginia    1988, 1991
Cvercko, Andy, G, Northwestern     1963

Dahl, Bob, G, Notre Dame    1996-97
Dale, Roland, E, Mississippi     1950
Daniels, Calvin, LB, North Carolina     1986
Daniels, Phillip, DL, Georgia    2004-10
Dalton, Lional, DT, Eastern Michigan     2003
Darre, Bernie, G, Tulane    1961
Davidson, Ben, DT, Washington     1962-63
Davis, Akeem, S, Memphis    2014
Davis, Andy, B, George Washington     1952
Davis, Brian, CB, Nebraska    1987-90
Davis, Fred, T, Alabama     1941-42, 1945
Davis, Fred, TE, USC    2008-13
Davis, Jack, G, Maryland    1960
Davis, Ja’Gared, LB, SMU    2014
Davis, James, RB, Clemson     2010
Davis, Stephen, RB, Auburn    1996-02
Davis, Wayne, DB, Indiana State     1989-90
Davlin, Mike, T, San Francisco    1955
Day, Eagle, QB, Mississippi     1959-60
Deal, Rufus, B, Auburn    1942
Dean, Fred, G, Texas Southern     1978-82
Dean, Vernon, CB, San Diego State     1982-87
DeCarlo, Art, DB, Georgia    1956-57
DeCorrevont, Bill, B, Northwestern    1945
Dee, Bob, DE, Holy Cross    1957-58
Deeks, Don, T, Washington    1947
DeFrance, Chris, WR, Arizona State    1979
DeFruiter, Bob, B, Nebraska     1945-47
Dekker, Al, WR, Michigan State     1953
Deloplaine, Jack, RB, Salem College    1978
DeMao, Al, C, Duquesne    1945-53
DeMulling, Rick, OL, Idaho    2007
Dennis, Pat, DB, Louisiana Monroe    2004
Dennison, Glenn, TE, Miami    1987
Denson, Moses, RB, MD Eastern Shore    1974-75
Denton, Tim, CB, Sam Houston State    1998-99
Dess, Darrell, G, North Carolina State     1965-66
Didier, Clint, TE, Portland State    1982-87
Didion, John, LB, Oregon State    1969-70
Dishman, Cris, CB, Purdue     1997-98
Dockery, Derrick, OL, Texas     2003-06, 2009-10
Doering, Chris, WR, Florida    2002
Doering, Jason, S, Wisconsin    2004
Doll, Don, DE, USC     1953
Donnalley, Rick, C, North Carolina    1984-85
Doolan, John, B, Georgetown    1945
Dorow, Al, QB, Michigan State    1954-56
Dotson, Santana, DL, Baylor     2002
Doughty, Reed, S, Northern Colorado    2006-13
Dow, Ken, B, Oregon State     1941
Dowda, Harry, DB, Wake Forest     1949-53
Dowler, Boyd, WR, Colorado    1971
Downey, Patrick, OL, New Hampshire     2002
Drake, Troy, T, Indiana    1998
Drakeford, Tyronne, CB, Virginia Tech    2000
Drazenovich, Chuck, LB, Penn State     1950-59
Dubinetz, Greg, G, Yale    1979
DuBois, Phil, TE, San Diego State     1979-80
Duckett, T.J., RB, Michigan State    2006
Duckworth, Joe, E, Colgate     1947
Ducre, Greg, CB, Washington    2014
Dudley, Bill, RB, Virginia    1950-51, 1953
Duff, Jamal, DE, San Diego State     1997-98
Dugan, Fred, WR, Dayton     1961-63
Duich, Steve, G, San Diego State     1969
Dukes, Chad, RB, Pittsburgh    2000
Duncan, Leslie, DB, Jackson State     1971-73
Dunn, Coye, B, USC    1943
Dunn, K.D., TE, Clemson     1987
Dupard, Reggie, RB, SMU     1989-90
Dusek, Brad, LB, Texas A&M    1974-81
Dwyer, Jack, DB, Loyola (CA)     1951
Dye, Les, E, Syracuse    1944-45
Dyer, Henry, RB, Grambling    1969-70

Ecker, Enrique, T, John Carroll    1952
Ecker, Tyler, TE, Michigan    2007
Edwards, Brad, S, South Carolina    1990-93
Edwards, Turk, T, Washington State    1932-40
Edwards, Weldon, T, TCU    1948
Eilers, Pat, DB, Notre Dame    1992-94
Elewonibi, Moe, T, BYU    1990-93
Elisara, Pita,OL, Indiana    2003
Ellard, Henry, WR, Fresno State     1994-98
Elliott, Matt, C, Michigan    1992
Ellis, Ed, T, Buffalo     2000
Ellstrom, Marv, B, Oklahoma    1943
Ellstrom, Swede, FB, Oklahoma    1934
Elmore, Doug, DB, Mississippi     1962
Elter, Leo, RB, Duquesne    1955-57
Emtman, Steve, DT, Washington     1997
Erhardt, Clyde, C, Georgia     1946-49
Erickson, Carl, C, Washington    1938-39
Ervins, Ricky, RB, USC     1991-94
Espy, Mike, WR, Mississippi    2006-07
Etherly, David, CB, Portland State    1987
Eubanks, John, CB, Southern Mississippi    2006-07
Evans, Charles, RB, USC    1974
Evans, Demetric, DL, Georgia    2004-08
Evans, Greg, S, TCU    1998
Evans, Leomont, S, Clemson    1996-99
Evans, Reggie, RB, Richmond     1983

Fabini, Jason, OL, Cincinnati    2007-08
Fanaika, Paul, G, Arizona State     2009
Fanucci, Mike, DE, Arizona State    1972
Farkas, Andy, FB, Detroit     1938-44
Farman, Dick, G, Washington State    1939-43
Farmer, Tom, B, Iowa    1947-48
Farris, Jimmy, WR, Montana      2005, 07
Faulkner, Jeff, DE, Southern     1993
Fauria, Christian, TE, Colorado     2006
Feagin, Tom, G, Houston     1963
Felber, Nip, E, North Dakota    1932
Felton, Ralph, LB, Maryland    1954-60
Ferris, Neil, DB, Loyola (CA)     1951-52
Filchock, Frank, QB, Indiana    1938-41, 1944-45
Fiore, Dave, OL, Hofstra    2003
Fincher, Alfred, LB, Connecticut    2008
Fiorentino, Al, G, Boston College     1943-44
Fischer, Mark, C, Purdue    1998-01
Fischer, Pat, CB, Nebraska    1968-77
Fisher, Bob, T, USC    1940
Flemister, Zeron, TE, Iowa     2000-03
Fletcher, Derrick, G, Baylor     2000
Fletcher, London, LB, John Carroll    2007-13
Flick, Tom, QB, Washington    1981
Flores, Mike, DT, Louisville    1995
Flowers, Richmond, QB, Duke     2002
Foltz, Vernon, C, St. Vincent’s    1944
Forbath, Kai, K, UCLA    2012-14
Forte, Ike, RB, Arkansas     1978-80
Fox, Keyaron, LB, Georgia Tech    2011
Fox, Vernon, S, Fresno State    2006-07
Foxx, Dion, LB, James Madison    1995
Frahm, Dick, B, Nebraska    1935
Frain, Todd, TE, Nebraska     1986
Francis, Dave, FB, Ohio State    1963
Francis, James, LB, Baylor    1999
Frankian, Ike, E, St. Mary’s    1933
Franz, Todd, DB, Tulsa     2002-04
Frazier, Frank, G, Miami     1987
Freeman, Bob, DB, Auburn     1962
Frerotte, Gus, QB, Tulsa     1994-98
Friedman, Lennie, OL, Duke     2003-04
Friesz, John, QB, Idaho    1994
Frisch, Dave, TE, Colorado State    1997
Fritsch, Ted, C, St. Norbert    1976-79
Frost, Derrick, P, Northern Iowa      2005-07
Fryar, Irving, WR, Nebraska     1999-00
Fryer, Brian, WR, Alberta (Canada)     1976-78
Fugett, Jean, TE, Amherst    1976-79
Fulcher, Bill, G, Georgia Tech     1956-58
Fuller, Larry, B, No College     1944-45

Gaffney, Jabar, WR, Florida    2011
Gaffney, Jim, B, Tennessee     1945-46
Gage, Steve, S, Tulsa     1987-88
Gaines, William, DT, Florida    1995-97
Galbraith, Scott, TE, USC    1995-96
Galloway, Joey, WR, Ohio State     2010
Gannon, Rich, QB, Delaware     1993
Gano, Graham, K, Florida State     2009-11
Ganther, Quinton, RB, Utah    2009
Garçon, Pierre, WR, Mount Union    2012-14
Gardener, Daryl, DT, Baylor     2002
Gardner, Rod, WR, Clemson    2001-04
Garner, Dwight, RB, California     1986
Garrett, Alvin, WR, Angelo State    1981-84
Garzoni, Mike, B, USC    1947
Gatewood, Curtis, LB, Vanderbilt     2009
Geathers, Clifton, DE, South Carolina    2014
Geathers, James, DT, Wichita State     1990-92
Geisinger, Justin, G, Vanderbilt    2008
Gentry, Lee, B, Tulsa    1941
George, Jeff, QB, Illinois    2000-01
German, Jim, QB, Centre College    1939
Gesek, John, C, Cal State Sacramento    1994-95
Gettis, Adam, G, Iowa    2013
Giaquinto, Nick, RB, Connecticut     1981-83
Gibson, Alec, DT, Illinois    1987
Gibson, Joe, B, Tulsa     1943
Gilbert, Sean, DT, Pittsburgh    1996
Gillespie, Robert, RB, Florida     2002
Gilmer, Harry, QB, Alabama    1948-54
Givens, Reggie, LB, Penn State    2000
Glick, Gary, DB, Colorado A&M     1959-61
Gob, Art, E, Pittsburgh    1959-60
Godfrey, Randall, LB, Georgia     2007
Gogolak, Charlie, K, Princeton     1966-68
Golston, Kedric, DT, Georgia     2006-14
Gomes, DeJon, S, Nebraska    2011-12
Goodburn, Kelly, P, Emporia State    1990-93
Goode, Bob, RB, Texas A&M    1949-51, 1954-55
Goodnight, Clyde, E, Tulsa    1949-50
Goodyear, John, B, Marquette    1942
Goosby, Tom, G, Baldwin-Wallace    1966
Gouveia, Kurt, LB, BYU    1987-94, 99
Graf, Dave, LB, Penn State     1981
Graf, Rick, LB, Wisconsin    1993
Graham, Don, LB, Penn State    1989
Graham, Kent, QB, Ohio State     2001
Grant, Alan, CB, Stanford    1994
Grant, Bob, LB, Wake Forest    1971
Grant, Darryl, DT, Rice     1981-90
Grant, Frank, WR, S. Colorado State    1973-78
Grant, Orantes, LB, Georgia    2002-03
Grant, Ryan, RB, Notre Dame    2012
Grant, Ryan, WR, Tulane    2014
Gray, Bill, G, Oregon State    1947-48
Green, Darrell, CB, Texas A&I     1983-02
Green, Jacques, WR, Florida     2002
Green, Mike, S, Northwestern State    2008
Green, Robert, RB, William & Mary     1992
Green, Tony, RB, Florida    1978
Green, Trent, QB, Indiana     1995-98
Greer, Donovan, CB, Texas A&M    2001
Griffin, Cedric, CB, Texas    2012
Griffin, Cornelius, DT, Alabama    2004-08
Griffin, Keith, RB, Miami     1984-88
Griffin III, Robert, QB, Baylor    2012-14
Grimm, Dan, C, Colorado     1969
Grimm, Russ, G, Pittsburgh    1981-91
Grossman, Rex, QB, Florida     2010-13
Guglielmi, Ralph, QB, Notre Dame    1955, 1958-60
Gulledge, David, FS, Jacksonville State    1992
Gumbs, Jose, S, Monmouth    2013
Gundlach, Herman, G, Harvard    1935

Hackbart, Dale, DB, Wisconsin     1961-63
Hageman, Fred, C, Kansas    1961-64
Haight, Mike, T, Iowa    1992
Haines, Kris, WR, Notre Dame     1979
Haji-Sheikh, Ali, K, Michigan    1987
Haley, Dick, DB, Pittsburgh     1959-60
Haley, Jermaine, DT, Butte College     2003-04
Hall, DeAngelo, CB, Virginia Tech    2008-14
Hall, Galen, QB, Penn State    1962
Hall, John, K, Wisconsin    2003-06
Hall, Windlan, DB, Arizona State    1977
Ham, Derrick, DE, Miami     2000
Hamdan, Gibran, QB, Indiana     2003
Hamel, Dean, DT, Tulsa    1985-88
Hamilton, Justin, S, Virginia Tech    2008
Hamilton, Malcolm, LB, Baylor     1998-99
Hamilton, Rick, LB, Central Florida     1993-94
Hamilton, Steve, DE, East Carolina    1985-88
Hamlin, Gene, C, Western Michigan     1970
Hammond, Bobby, RB, Morgan State     1979-80
Hanburger, Chris, LB, North Carolina    1965-78
Hancock, Mike, TE, Idaho State    1973-75
Hankerson, Leonard, WR, Miami    2011-14
Hanna, Zip, G, South Carolina    1945
Hansen, Ron, G, Minnesota     1954
Harbour, Dave, C, Illinois    1988-89
Hardeman, Buddy, RB, Iowa State    1979-80
Hare, Cecil, FB, Gonzaga    1941-42, 1945
Hare, Ray, QB, Gonzaga    1940-43
Harlan, Jim, T, Howard Payne    1978
Harmon, Clarence, RB, Mississippi State    1977-82
Harold, George, B, Allen    1968
Harraway, Charley, RB, San Jose State     1969-73
Harris, Don, S, Rutgers     1978-79
Harris, Hank, G, Texas    1947-48
Harris, Jim, DB, Howard Payne     1970
Harris, Joe, LB, Georgia Tech     1977
Harris, Macho, S, Virginia Tech     2010
Harris, Rickie, DB, Arizona     1965-70
Harris, Steven, WR, Arkansas    2006-07
Harris, Walt, CB, Mississippi State     2004-05
Harrison, Kenny, WR, SMU     1980
Harrison, Lloyd, CB, North Carolina State    2000
Harrison, Nolan, DE, Indiana    2000
Harry, Carl, WR, Utah    1989, 92
Hart, Jim, QB, Southern Illinois    1984
Hartley, Howard, B, Duke     1948
Hartman, Bill, B, Georgia    1938
Harvey, Ken, LB, California     1994-98
Harvin, Allen, RB, Cincinnati    1987
Hasselbeck, Tim, QB, Boston College    2003
Hatcher, Jason, DE, Grambling State    2014
Hatcher, Ron, FB, Michigan State     1962
Hauss, Len, C, Georgia    1964-77
Haws, Kurt, TE, Utah    1994
Hayden, Ken, C, Arkansas     1943
Hayes, Jeff, P, North Carolina    1982-85
Haymond, Alvin, DB, Southern    1972
Haynes, Hall, DB, Santa Clara     1950, 1953-55
Haynes, Reggie, TE, UNLV    1978
Haynesworth, Albert, DT, Tennessee    2009-10
Hayward, Adam, LB, Portland State    2014
Hazelwood, Ted, T, North Carolina     1953
Heath, Leon, FB, Oklahoma    1951-53
Heck, Andy, T, Notre Dame    1999-00
Hecker, Norb, DB, Baldwin-Wallace    1955-57
Heenan, Pat, E, Notre Dame    1960
Hegarty, Bill, T, Villanova    1960
Heinz, Bob, DT, Pacific    1978
Helu, Jr., Roy, RB, Nebraska    2011-14
Hendershot, Larry, LB, Arizona State    1967
Henderson, Jon, WR, Colorado State     1970
Hendren, Bob, T, USC    1949-51
Hennessey, Jerry, DE, Santa Clara    1952-53
Henson, Robert, LB, TCU    2009-10
Hermeling, Terry, T, Nevada     1970-80
Hernandez, Joe, WR, Arizona     1964
Heyer, Stephon, OL, Maryland    2007-10
Hickman, Dallas, DE, California     1976-81
Hickman, Donnie, G, USC    1978
Hicks, Artis, G/T, Memphis    2010
Hicks, Skip, RB, UCLA     1998-00
Hightower, Tim, RB, Richmond    2011
Hill, Calvin, RB, Yale     1976-77
Hill, Irv, B, Trinity    1933
Hill, Nate, DE, Auburn    1989
Hitchock, Ray, C, Minnesota     1987
Hoage, Terry, S, Georgia    1991
Hobbs, Stephen, WR, North Alabama    1990-92
Hochertz, Martin, DE, Southern Illinois    1993
Hodgson, Pat, TE, Georgia    1966
Hoelscher, David, DT, Eastern Kentucky     1998
Hoffman, Bob, RB, USC    1940-41
Hoffman, John, DE, Hawaii     1969-70
Hogeboom, Gary, QB, Central Michigan     1990
Hokuf, Steve, B, Nebraska     1933-35
Holdman, Warrick, LB, Texas A&M     2005-06
Hollar, John, B, Appalachian State    1948-49
Hollenbach, Sam, QB, Maryland     2007
Holliday, Vonnie, DL, North Carolina     2010
Hollinquest, Lamont, LB, USC    1993-94
Holloway, Derek, WR, Arkansas    1986
Holly, Bob, QB, Princeton    1982-83
Holman, Walter, RB, West Virginia State     1987
Holman, Willie, DE, South Carolina State    1973
Holmer, Walt, B, Northwestern     1933
Holmes, Lendy, S, Oklahoma    2009
Holsey, Bernard, DL, Duke    2003
Horner, Sam, B, VMI     1960-61
Horstmann, Roy, FB, Purdue    1933
Horton, Chris, S, UCLA     2008-10
Horton, Ethan, TE, North Carolina    1994
Hostetler, Jeff, QB, West Virginia     1997
Houghton, Jerry, T, Washington State    1950
Houston, Ken, S, Prairie View     1973-80
Houston, Walt, G, Purdue    1955
Hover, Don, LB, Washington State    1978-79
Howard, Desmond, WR, Michigan     1992-94
Howell, Dixie, B, Alabama     1937
Hudson, Bob, G, Clemson    1959
Huff, Ken, G, North Carolina    1983-85
Huff, Sam, LB, West Virginia    1964-67, 1969
Hughley, George, FB, Central Oklahoma State    1965
Hull, Josh, LB, Penn State    2013
Hull, Mike, RB, USC     1971-74
Humphries, Stan, QB, NE Louisiana     1989-91
Huntington, Greg, C, Penn State    1993
Hunter, Bill, DB, Syracuse     1965
Hurley, George, G, Washington State    1932-33
Hurt, Maurice, G, Florida    2011-12
Husak, Todd, QB, Stanford    2000
Husted, Michael, K, Virginia    2000
Hutson, Tony, G, NE Oklahoma     2000
Hyatt, Fred, WR, Auburn     1973

Ihenacho, Duke, S, San Jose State    2014
Imhof, Martin, DE, San Diego State    1974
Intrieri, Marne, G, Loyola, Md    1933-34
Irwin, Don, FB, Colgate     1936-39
Izo, George, QB, Notre Dame     1961-64

Jackson, Bernard, DB, Tennessee    2002
Jackson, Charles, S, Texas Tech    1987
Jackson, DeSean, WR, California    2014
Jackson, Ladairis, DE, Oregon State     2002-03
Jackson, Leroy, RB, Western Illinois    1962-63
Jackson, Rob, DE/LB, Kansas State     2008-13
Jackson, Steve, LB, Texas-Arlington    1966-67
Jackson, Trenton, WR, Illinois     1967
Jackson, Wilbur, FB, Alabama     1980-82
Jacobs, Jack, QB, Oklahoma     1946
Jacobs, Taylor, WR, Florida     2003-05
Jacoby, Joe, T/G, Louisville    1981-93
Jaffurs, John, G, Penn State    1946
Jagielski, Harry, T, Indiana     1956
James, Dick, RB, Oregon    1956-63
James, Erasmus, DE, Wisconsin    2008
Janowicz, Vic, B, Ohio State     1954-55
Jansen, Jon, T, Michigan    1999-08
Jaqua, Jon, S, Lewis & Clark    1970-72
Jarmon, Jeremy, LB, Kentucky    2009-10
Jarrett, Craig, P, Michigan State    2002
Jeffcoat, Jackson, LB, Texas    2014
Jefferson, Roy, WR, Utah    1971-76
Jencks, Bob, K/E, Miami (OH)    1965
Jenkins, Brandon, LB, Florida State    2013
Jenkins, Jacque, FB, Vanderbilt     1943, 1946
Jenkins, James, TE, Rutgers    1991-00
Jenkins, Jarvis, DE, Clemson    2012-14
Jenkins, Ken, RB, Bucknell     1985-86
Jessie, Tim, RB, Auburn    1987
Jimoh, Ade, DB, Utah State    2003-06
Johnson, AJ, CB, SW Texas State    1989-94
Johnson, Andre, T, Penn State    1996
Johnson, Billy, WR, Widener     1988
Johnson, Brad, QB, Minnesota    1999-2000
Johnson, Bryan, FB, Boise State    2000-03
Johnson, Dennis, DT, Delaware    1974-77
Johnson, Domonique, CB, Jackson State    2012
Johnson, Jimmie, TE, Howard    1989-91
Johnson (Howard), Joe, WR, Notre Dame    1989-91
Johnson, Larry, C, Haskell Indian    1933-35, 1944
Johnson, Larry, RB, Penn State     2010
Johnson, Mitch, T, UCLA    1966-68, 1972
Johnson, Patrick, WR, Oregon     2003
Johnson, Randy, QB, Texas A&I    1975
Johnson, Richard, WR, Colorado     1987
Johnson, Rob, QB, USC    2003
Johnson, Robert, TE, Auburn      2005
Johnson, Sidney, CB, California    1990-92
Johnson, Tim, DT, Penn State     1990-95
Johnson, Tre, T, Temple     1994-00,02
Johnston, Jim, B, Washington    1939-40
Jones, Aki, DL, Fordham    2005
Jones, Anthony, TE, Wichita State    1984-88
Jones, Chuck, E, George Washington     1955
Jones, David, C, Texas    1987
Jones, David, CB, Wingate    2012
Jones, Deacon, DE, Mississippi Vocational    1974
Jones, Greg, LB, Colorado    1997-00
Jones, Harvey, B, Baylor     1947
Jones, Jimmie, DE, Wichita State     1971-73
Jones, Joe, DE, Tennessee State    1979-80
Jones, Kenyatta, OL, South Florida    2003-04
Jones, Larry, WR, NE Missouri State    1974-77
Jones, Levi, OT, Arizona State    2009
Jones, Melvin, G, Houston    1981
Jones, Robert, LB, East Carolina     2001
Jones, Rod, OL, Kansas (IR)    2002
Jones, Stan, DT, Maryland     1966
Jordan, Akeem, LB, James Madison    2014
Jordan, Curtis, FS, Texas Tech    1981-86
Jordan, Jeff, RB, Washington    1971-72
Joseph, Joe, DL, Miami    2010
Joseph, Ricot, DB, Central Florida     2002
Junker, Steve, E, Xavier    1961-62
Junkin, Trey, LB, Louisiana Tech     1984
Jurgensen, Sonny, QB, Duke    1964-74
Justice, Charlie, RB, North Carolina    1950, 1952-54
Justice, Ed, B, Gonzaga    1936-42
Juzwik, Steve, B, Notre Dame    1942

Kahn, Ed, G, North Carolina    1935-37
Kalu, Ndukwe, DE, Rice     1998-00
Kamp, Jim, T, Oklahoma City    1933
Kammerer, Carl, DE, Pacific    1963-69
Kane, Rick, RB, San Jose State    1984
Kantor, Joe, RB, Notre Dame    1966
Karamatic, George, B, Gonzaga    1938
Karas, Emil, E, Dayton    1959
Karcher, Jim, G, Ohio State    1936-39
Karras, Lou, T, Purdue     1950-52
Karras, Ted, DT, Northwestern    1987
Katrishen, Mike, T, Southern Mississippi    1948-49
Kaufman, Mel, LB, Cal Poly SLO     1981-88
Kawal, Ed, C, Illinois    1937
Kearse, Frank, DE, Alabama A&M    2014
Keating, Chris, LB, Maine    1985
Keenan, Jack, T, South Carolina    1944-45
Kehl, Bryan, LB, BYU    2012-13
Kehr, Rick, G, Carthage     1987
Kelley, Gordon, LB, Georgia    1962-63
Kelly, John, T, Florida A&M    1966-67
Kelly, Malcolm, WR, Oklahoma     2008-10
Kemoeatu, Ma’ake, NT, Utah     2010
Kendall, Pete, OL, Boston College    2007-08
Kenneally, Gus, E, St. Bonaventure     1932
Kerr, Jim, DB, Penn State     1961-62
Kerrigan, Ryan, LB, Purdue    2011-14
Khayat, Bob, K, Mississippi      1960, 1962-63
Khayat, Ed, DT, Tulane     1957, 1962-63
Kiick, Jim, RB, Wyoming     1977
Killings, Cedric, DL, Carson-Newman     2005
Kilmer, Bill, QB, UCLA    1971-78
Kimball, Bruce, G, Massachusetts    1983-84
Kimble, Garry, CB, Sam Houston State    1987
Kimmel, J.D., T, Houston    1955-56
Kimmel, Jon, LB, Colgate     1987
Kimrin, Ola, K, Texas El Paso     2004
Kincaid, Jim, B, South Carolina     1954
Kinney, Kelvin, DE, Virginia State     1997-98
Kirk, Randy, LB, San Diego State    1990
Kitts, Jim, FB, Ferrum    1998
Knight, Curt, K, Coast Guard    1969-73
Koch, Markus, DE, Boise State     1986-91
Koniszewski, John, T, G.W.    1945-46, 1948
Kopay, Dave, RB, Washington    1969-70
Kovatch, John, E, Notre Dame    1942, 46
Kozlowski, Brian, TE, Connecticut    2004-07
Krakoski, Joe, B, Illinois    1961
Krakoski, Joe, LB, Washington    1986
Krause, Max, FB, Gonzaga     1937-40
Krause, Paul, DB, Iowa     1964-67
Krause, Red, C, St. Louis     1938
Kresky, Joe (Mink), G, Wisconsin    1932
Krouse, Ray, T, Maryland    1960
Kruczek, Mike, QB, Boston College    1980
Krueger, Al, RB, USC    1941-42
Kubin, Larry, LB, Penn State    1982-84
Kuchta, Frank, C, Notre Dame     1958-59
Kuehl, Ryan, DT, Virginia     1996-97
Kupp, Jake, G, Washington    1966
Kuziel, Bob, G, Pittsburgh     1975-80

Laaveg, Paul, G, Iowa     1970-75
Lachey, Jim, T, Ohio State     1988-95
Landry, LaRon, S, Louisiana State    2007-11
Lane, Skip, S, Mississippi    1987
Lang, Kenard, DE, Miami     1997-01
Lapka, Ted, E. St. Ambrose     1943-44, 1946
LaPresta, Benny, B, St. Louis    1933
Larson, Bill, TE, Colorado State     1977
Larson, Pete, RB, Cornell    1967-68
Lasse, Dick, LB, Syracuse    1960-61
Lathrop, Kit, DT, Arizona State    1987
Laster, Donald, T, Tennessee State    1982-83
Laufenberg, Babe, QB, Indiana    1983-85
Lauvao, Shawn, G, Arizona State    2014
Lavender, Joe, CB, San Diego State    1976-82
Law, Dennis, WR, East Tennessee State    1979
Lawrence, Don, T, Notre Dame    1959-61
LeBaron, Eddie, QB, Pacific    1952-53, 1955-59
Leeuwenburg, Jay, G, Colorado    2000
Lemek, Ray, T, Notre Dame    1957-61
Lennan, Reid, G, No College    1945
Leon, Tony, G, Alabama    1943
LeRibeus, Josh, G, SMU    2012-14
Lewis, Dan, RB, Wisconsin    1965
Lewis, Lance, WR, East Carolina    2013
Lewis, Ron, G, Washington State    1995
Leverette, Otis, DE, UAB    2001-02
Liebenstein, Todd, DE, UNLV     1982-85
Lichtensteiger, Kory, G/C, Bowling Green St.    2010-13
Lipscomb, Paul, T, Tennessee    1950-54
Livingston, Howie, B, Fullerton JC    1948-50
Lloyd, Brandon, WR, Illinois     2006-07
Lockett, J.W., B, Central Oklahoma State     1964
Lockett, Kevin, WR, Kansas State    2001-02
Locklear, Sean, T, North Carolina State    2011
Logan, Marc, FB, Kentucky     1995-97
Lohmiller, Chip, K, Minnesota    1988-94
Lolatai, Al, G, Weber State     1945
Long, Bob, WR, Wichita State     1969
Long, Spencer, G, Nebraska    2014
Lookabaugh, John, E, Maryland    1946-47
Looney, Joe Don, RB, Oklahoma    1966-67
Lorch, Karl, DT, USC    1976-81
Lott, Andre, DB, Tennessee     2002-04
Love, John, WR, North Texas State     1967
Loverne, David, OL, San Jose State     2002
Lowe, Gary, B, Michigan State    1956-57
Lowry, Quentin, LB, Youngstown State    1981-83
Luce, Lew, B, Penn State     1961
Lyle, Keith, S, Virginia    2001
Lynch, Dick, B, Notre Dame     1958

MacAfee, Ken, E, Alabama    1959
Macioszczck, Art, FB, Western Michigan     1948
Macklin, David, CB, Penn State    2007
MacMurdo, Jim, T, Pittsburgh    1932-33
Madarik, Elmer, B, Detroit    1948
Malinchak, Bill, WR, Indiana    1970-74, 1976
Malone, Benny, RB, Arizona State    1978-79
Malone, Charley, E, Texas A&M     1934-40, 1942
Mandeville, Chris, DB, Cal-Davis    1989
Manley, Dexter, DE, Oklahoma State    1981-89
Mann, Charles, DE, Nevada-Reno    1983-93
Manton, Tilly, FB, TCU     1938
Manusky, Greg, LB, Colgate     1988-90
Marciniak, Ron, C, Kansas State    1955
Marcus, Pete, E, Kentucky     1944
Marshall, Lemar, LB, Michigan St    2002-06
Marshall, Leonard, DT, LSU     1994
Marshall, Rich, T, Stephen F. Austin     1966
Marshall, Wilber, LB, Florida     1988-92
Mason, Marcus, RB, Youngstown State    2009
Martin, Aaron, DB, North Carolina College    1968
Martin, Jamie, QB, Weber State    1997
Martin, Jim, K, Notre Dame     1964
Martin, Steve, DE, Jackson State    1987
Mason, Eddie, LB, North Carolina    1999-02
Mason, Tommy, RB, Tulane    1971-72
Masterson, Bob, E, Miami     1938-43
Maston, Le’Shai, FB, Baylor     1998
Matich, Trevor, C, BYU    1994-96
Matthews, Shane, QB, Florida    2002
Mattson, Riley, T, Oregon    1961-64
Mauti, Rich, WR, Penn State    1984
May, Mark, T, Pittsburgh     1981-89
Mayhew, Martin, CB, Florida State    1989-92
Mays, Alvoid, CB, West Virginia    1990-94
Mays, Damon, WR, Missouri     1996
Mazurek, Fred, B, Pittsburgh    1965-66
McCabe, Dick, B, Pittsburgh    1959
McCants, Darnerien, WR, Delaware St.     2002-04
McCardell, Keenan, WR, UNLV    2007
McCauley, Marcus, CB, Fresno State     2009
McChesney, Bob, E, UCLA     1936-42
McClellion, Central, CB, Ohio State    2001
McCoy, Colt, QB, Texas    2014
McCrary, Greg, TE, Clark     1978, 1981
McCune, Robert, LB, Louisville     2005-06
McCullough, Sultan, RB, USC    2003
McDaniel, John, WR, Lincoln     1978-80
McDaniel, Le Charls, CB, Cal Poly SLO    1981-82
McDole, Ron, DE, Nebraska     1971-78
McDonald, Ray, RB, Idaho    1967-68
McEwen, Craig, TE, Utah    1987-88
McGee, Tim, WR, Tennessee     1993
McGee, Tony, DE, Bishop (TX)    1982-84
McGrath, Mark, WR, Montana State     1983-85
McGriff, Curtis, DT, Alabama    1987
McIntosh, Rocky, LB, Miami    2006-11
McKee, Paul, E, Syracuse    1947-48
McKeever, Marlin, LB, USC    1968-70
McKenzie, Raleigh, G, Tennessee    1985-94
McKinney, Zion, WR, South Carolina     1980
McLinton, Harold, LB, Southern     1969-78
McMillan, Mark, CB, Alabama     1999
McNabb, Donovan, QB, Syracuse    2010
McNeil, Clifton, WR, Grambling    1971-72
McNeil, Nick, LB, Western Carolina     2005
McPhail, Hal, FB, Xavier    1934-35
McQuaid, Dan, T, UNLV    1985-87
McQuilken, Kim, QB, Lehigh     1978-80
McRae, Stan, E, Michigan State    1946
Meade, Jim, B, Maryland    1939-40
Meads, Johnny, LB, Nicholls State    1992
Meadows, Ed, DB, Duke    1959
Melinger, Steve, E, Kentucky     1956-57
Mendenhall, Mat, DE, BYU    1981-82
Meriweather, Brandon, S, Miami (Fla.)    2012-14
Merkle, Ed, G, Oklahoma A&M    1944
Merling, Phillip, DE, Clemson    2013
Mercein, Chuck, RB, Yale    1969
Metcalf, Terry, RB, San Diego State    1981
Michaels, Ed, G, Villanova    1937
Micka, Mike, FB, Colgate    1944
Mickles, Joe, RB, Mississippi    1989
Middleton, Ron, TE, Auburn     1988, 1990-93
Millen, Matt, LB, Penn State     1991
Miller, Allen, LB, Ohio    1962-63
Miller, Clark, DE, Utah State    1969
Miller, Dan, K, Miami (Fla.)    1982
Miller, Fred, T, Pacific     1955
Miller, Gabe, LB, Oregon State    2014
Miller, John, T, Boston College    1956, 1958-59
Miller, Tom, B, Hampden-Sydney    1945
Millner, Wayne, E, Notre Dame    1936-41, 1945
Mills, Lamar, DT, Indiana    1994
Milot, Rich, LB, Penn State    1979-87
Milstead, Rod, G, Delaware State     1998-99
Mims, Chris, DT, Tennessee     1997
Mingo, Gene, K, No College    1967
Minnifield, Chase, CB, Virginia    2014
Mitchell, Bobby, FL, Illinois    1962-68
Mitchell, Brian, RB, SW Louisiana    1990-99
Mitchell, Kevin, LB, Syracuse    2000-03
Mitchell, Marko, WR, Nevada     2009
Mitchell, Michael, CB, Howard Payne    1987
Mix, Anthony, WR, Auburn     2007
Modzelewski, Dick, DT, Maryland     1953-54
Mojsiejenko, Ralf, P, Michigan State    1989-90
Molinaro, Jim, OL, Notre Dame     2004-06
Momsen, Tony, C, Michigan    1952
Monachino, Jim, B, California    1955
Monaco, Ray, G, Holy Cross     1944
Monasco, Don, B, Texas     1954
Monk, Art, WR, Syracuse     1980-93
Mont, Tommy, QB, Maryland    1947-49
Montgomery, Anthony, DT, Minnesota    2006-09
Montgomery, Will, OL, Virginia Tech     2008-13
Moore, Chuck, G, Arkansas    1962
Moore, Darryl, G, UTEP    1992-93
Moore, Jeff, RB, Jackson State     1984
Moore, Larry, C, BYU     2002-03
Moore, Kareem, S, Nicholls State    2008-10
Moore, Michael, G, Troy State    2000
Moore, Wilbur, B, Minnesota     1939-46
Moran, Jim G, Holy Cross     1935-36
Morgan, Bob, DT, Maryland    1954
Morgan, Boyd, S, USC     1939-40
Morgan, Joshua, WR, Virginia Tech    2012-13
Morgan, Mike, LB, LSU    1968
Morley, Sam, E, Stanford    1954
Morris, Alfred, RB, Florida Atlantic    2012-14
Morris, Jamie, RB, Michigan    1988-89
Morrison, Darryl, S, Arizona     1993-96
Morrison, Tim, CB, North Carolina     1986-87
Mortensen, Fred, QB, Arizona State    1979
Morton, Chad, RB, USC     2003-04
Morton, Christian, DB, Illinois      2005
Morton, Michael, RB, UNLV    1985
Moseley, Mark, K, Stephen F. Austin     1974-86
Moses, Morgan, T, Virginia    2014
Moss, Eddie, RB, SE Missouri State     1977
Moss, Joe, T, Maryland     1952
Moss, Santana, WR, Miami    2005-14
Muhammad, Calvin, WR, Texas Southern     1984-85
Mul-Key, Herb, RB, No College    1972-74
Murphy, Jerome, CB, South Florida    2012-13
Murphy, Mark, S, Colgate    1977-84
Murphy, Trent, LB, Stanford    2014
Murray, Eddie, K, Tulane    1995, 2000
Murrell, Adrian, RB, West Virginia     2000
Musgrove, Spain, DT, Utah State    1967-69
Musick, Jim, FB, USC     1932-33, 1935-36
Myers, Rob, TE, Utah State    2011
Myslinski, Tom, G, Tennessee     1992

Natowich, Andy, B, Holy Cross    1944
Ndukwe, Ikechuku, OL, Northwestern      2005
Nelms, Mike, KR, Baylor    1980-84
Nelson, Ralph, RB, No College     1975
Niemi, Laurie, T, Washington State    1949-53
Nichols, Gerald, DT, Florida_State    1993
Neild, Chris, NT, West Virginia    2011-13
Nelson, Kyle, LS, New Mexico State    2013
Ninowski, Jim, QB, Michigan State    1967-68
Nisby, John, G, Pacific     1962-64
Nix, Doyle, B, SMU    1958-59
Nobile, Leo, G, Penn State    1947
Noble, Brandon, DL, Penn State (IR 2005)     2003-05
Noble, James, WR, Stephen F. Austin     1986
Nock, George, RB, Morgan State    1972
Noga, Al, DE, Hawaii     1993
Norman, Jim, T, No College     1955
Norris, Hal, B, California     1955-56
North, Jim T, Central Washington    1944
Norton, Jim, T, Washington     1969
Nott, Doug, B, Detroit    1935
Nottage, Dexter, DE, Florida A&M    1994-96
Novak, Nick, K, Maryland     2005-06
Nugent, Dan, G, Auburn    1976-78, 1980
Nussbaumer, Bob, E, Michigan    1947-48

O’Brien, Fran, T, Michigan State     1960-66
O’Brien, Gail, T, Nebraska    1934-36
O’Dell, Stu, LB, Indiana     1974-77
Ohalete, Ifeanyi, S, USC     2001-03
Ogrin, Pat, DT, Wyoming    1981-82
Okoro, Kenny, CB, Wake Forest    2014
Oliphant, Mike, RB, Puget Sound    1988
Oliver, Muhammad, CB, Oregon     1995
Olkewicz, Neal, LB, Maryland    1979-89
Olsson, Les, G, Mercer    1934-38
Olszewski, John, B, California    1958-60
Orakpo, Brian, DE/LB, Texas     2009-14
Orr, Terry, TE, Texas    1986-93
Osborne, Tom, WR, Hastings (NE)     1960-61
Ostrowski, Chet, E, Notre Dame     1954-59
Owen, Tom, QB, Wichita State    1982
Owens, Brig, DB, Cincinnati     1966-77
Owens, Don, T, Southern Mississippi    1957
Owens, Rich, DE, Lehigh     1995-97

Paine, Jeff, LB, San Jose State    1986
Pakulak, Glenn, P, Kentucky     2009
Paluck, John, DE, Pittsburgh    1956, 1959-65
Palmer, Sterling, DE, Florida State    1993-96
Papit, John, B, Virginia     1951-53
Pardee, Jack, LB, Texas A&M    1971-72
Parks, Mickey, C, Oklahoma     1938-40
Parrish, Lemar, CB, Lincoln    1978-81
Pasqua, Joe, T, SMU    1943
Paternoster, Angelo, G, Georgetown    1943
Patten, David, WR, Western Carolina      2005-06
Patterson, Dimitri, DB, Tuskegee      2005
Patton, Joe, T, Alabama A&M    1994-98
Patton, Marvcus, LB, UCLA    1995-98
Paul, Niles, WR/TE, Nebraska    2011-14
Paul, Tito, CB, Ohio State    1999
Paulescu, Sam, P, Oregon State     2010
Paulsen, Logan, TE, UCLA     2010-14
Peebles, Jim, E, Vanderbilt     1946-49, 1951
Peete, Rodney, QB, USC     1999
Peiffer, Dan, C, Southeast Missouri State     1980
Pellegrini, Bob, LB, Maryland     1962-65
Pepper, Gene, G, Missorui    1950-53
Pergine, John, LB, Notre Dame    1973-75
Perrin, Lonnie, RB, Illinois     1979
Peters, Floyd, T, San Francisco State    1970
Peters, Tony, S, Oklahoma     1979-82, 1984-85
Peters, Volney, T, USC     1954-57
Peterson, Nelson, RB, West Virginia Wesleyan     1937
Pettey, Phil, G, Missouri     1987
Petitbon, Richie, S, Tulane    1971-72
Phillips, Joe, WR, Kentucky    1985, 87
Piasecky, Al, E, Duke     1943-45
Pierce, Antonio, LB, Arizona    2001-04
Pierce, Dan, RB, Memphis State    1970
Pinckert, Ernie, FB, USC    1932-40
Plackemeier, Ryan, P, Wake Forest    2008
Planutis, Jerry, B, Michigan State    1956
Podoley, Jim, RB, Central Michigan    1957-60
Poillon, Dick, B, Canisius    1942, 1946-49
Polsfoot, Fran, E, Washington State    1953
Polumbus, Tyler, T, Colorado    2011-14
Ponds, Antwaune, LB, Syracuse     1998
Porter, Tracy, CB, Indiana    2014
Portis, Clinton, RB, Miami    2004-10
Posey, Jeff, LB, Southern Mississippi    2006
Potter, John, K, Western Michigan    2013
Pottios, Myron, LB, Notre Dame    1971-73
Pounds, Darryl, CB, Nicholls State    1995-99
Pourdanesh, Shar, T, Nevada     1996-98
Powell, Carl, DL, Louisville     2002
Presley, Lee, C, Oklahoma    1945
Prestel, Jim, T, Idaho    1966-67
Prioleau, Pierson, S, Virginia Tech     2005-07
Promuto, Vince, G, Holy Cross    1960-70
Pucillo, Mike, OL, Auburn    2006-07
Pugh, Jordan, S, Texas A&M    2012-13

Quinlan, Bill, DE, Michigan State    1965
Quinn, Richard, TE, North Carolina    2011
Quirk, Ed, B, Missouri    1948-51

Raab, Marc, C, USC    1993
Raba, Bob, TE, Maryland     1981
Rabach, Casey, OL, Wisconsin    2005-10
Rae, Mike, QB, USC    1981
Rambo, Bacarri, S, Georgia    2013-14
Ramsey, Knox, G, William & Mary     1952-53
Ramsey, Patrick, QB, Tulane     2002-05
Randle El, Antwaan, WR, Indiana     2006-09
Rasby, Walter, TE, Wake Forest     2001-02
Rashad, Sha’reff, S, Central Florida     2010
Raymer, Cory, C, Wisconsin     1995-01, 2004-05
Reaves, Willard, RB, Northern Arizona     1989
Rector, Ron, B, Northwestern    1966
Redd, Jr., Silas, USC    2014
Reed, Alvin, TE, Prairie View     1973-75
Reed, Andre, WR, Kutztown (PA)     2000
Reed, Bob, G, Tennessee State    1965
Reed, Jordan, TE, Florida    2013-14
Reger, John, LB, Pittsburgh     1964-66
Renfro, Will, T, Memphis State    1957-59
Reynolds, Mack, QB, LSU    1960
Ribar, Frank, G, Duke    1943
Ricca, Jim, C, Georgetown    1951-54
Richard, Stanley, S, Texas    1995-98
Richardson, Grady, TE, Cal St. Fullerton     1979-80
Richardson, Huey, LB, Florida    1992
Richter, Pat, WR, Wisconsin     1963-70
Rinehart, Chad, OL, Northern Iowa    2008-09
Riggins, John, RB, Kansas    1976-79, 1981-85
Riggs, Gerald, RB, Arizona State    1989-91
Riggs, Jim, TE, Clemson     1993
Riley, Jack, T, Northwestern    1933
Riley, Jr., Perry, LB, LSU     2010-14
Roberts, Andre, WR, The Citadel    2014
Roberts, Jack, B, Georgia    1932
Roberts, Walter, WR, San Jose State     1969-70
Robinson, Aldrick, WR, SMU    2012-14
Robinson, Dave, LB, Penn State    1973-74
Robinson, Keenan, LB, Texas    2012-14
Robinson, Lybrant, DE, Delaware State    1989
Robinson, Tony, QB, Tennessee    1987
Robinson, Trenton, S, Michigan State    2013-14
Robinson, William, T, San Diego State    2009
Roby, Reggie, P, Iowa    1993-94
Rocca, Sav, P, Australia    2011-13
Rock, Walter, T, Maryland    1968-73
Rocker, Tracy, DT, Auburn    1989-90
Roehnelt, Bill, LB, Bradley    1960
Rogers, Carlos, CB, Auburn    2005-10
Rogers, George, RB, South Carolina     1985-87
Rogers, Justin, CB, Richmond    2014
Rosato, Sal, B, Villanova    1945-47
Rose, Carlton, LB, Michigan    1987
Rosenfels, Sage, QB, Iowa State     2001
Rosso, George, B, Ohio State     1954
Roussel, Tom, LB, Southern Mississippi    1968-70
Roussos, Mike, T, Pittsburgh    1948-49
Rowe, Ray, TE, San Diego State     1992-93
Royal, Robert, TE, LSU    2003-05
Royster, Evan, RB, Penn State    2011-13
Rubbert, Ed, QB, Louisville    1987
Rucker, Keith, DT, Ohio Wesleyan    1997
Runnels, Tom, RB, North Texas State     1956-57
Rush, Tyrone, RB, North Alabama     1994
Russell, Anderson, S, Ohio State     2010
Russell, Bo, T, Auburn    1939-40
Russell, Cliff, WR, Utah     2002-03
Russell, Darrell, DT, USC    2003
Russell, Twan, LB, Miami    1997-99
Rutgens, Joe, DT, Illinois    1961-69
Ruthstrom, Ralph, B, SMU     1947
Rutledge, Jeff, QB, Alabama    1990-92
Ryan, Frank, QB, Rice    1969-70
Ryczek, Dan, C, Virginia    1973-75
Rykovich, Jules, B, Illinois     1952-53
Rymkus, Lou, T, Notre Dame     1943
Rypien, Mark, QB, Washington State    1987-93
Rzempoluch, Ted, DB, Virginia    1963

Saenz, Eddie, RB, USC    1946-51
Sagnella, Anthony, DT, Rutgers     1987
Salave’a, Joe, DL, Arizona     2004-06
Salem, Ed, B, Alabama    1951
Salter, Bryant, S, Pittsburgh     1974-75
Sample, Johnny, DB, Maryland State    1963-65
Samuels, Chris, T, Alabama    2000-09
Sanchez, John, T, San Francisco    1947-49
Sanders, Chris, TE, Texas A&M    1997
Sanders, Deion, CB, Florida State    2000
Sanders, Lonnie, DB, Michigan State    1963-67
Sanders, Ricky, WR, SW Texas State     1986-93
Sandifer, Dan, DB, LSU    1948-49
Sanford, Haywood, E, Alabama    1940
Sanford, Jamarca, S, Ole Miss    2014
Sarboe, Phil, DB, Washington State    1934
Sardisco, Tony, G, Tulane    1956
Sasa, Don, DT, Washington State    1997
Saul, Ron, G, Michigan State     1976-81
Savage, Sebastian, CB, North Carolina State    1995
Sawyer, John, TE, Southern Mississippi     1983
Scafide, John, T, Tulane    1933
Scanlan, Jerry, T, Hawaii    1980-81
Scarbath, Jack, QB, Maryland    1953-54
Schick, Doyle, LB, Kansas    1961
Schilling, Ralph, E, Oklahoma City    1946
Schlereth, Mark, G, Idaho    1989-94
Schmidt, Kermit (Dutch), E, Cal Poly-Pomona     1932
Schoenke, Ray, G, SMU     1966-75
Schrader, Jim, C, Notre Dame     1954, 1956-61
Schroeder, Jay, QB, UCLA    1984-87
Scissum, Williard, G, Alabama     1987
Scott, Darrion, DL, Ohio State     2010-11
Scott, Greg, DE, Hampton    2002
Scott, Jake, S, Georgia    1976-78
Scotti, Ben, DB, Maryland     1959-61
Scudero, Joe, B, San Francisco    1954-58
Scully, Mike, C, Illinois    1988
Seals, George, G, Missouri    1964
Seay, Virgil, WR, Troy State    1981-84
Sebek, Nick, B, Indiana     1950
Sedoris, Chris, C, Purdue    1996
Seedborg, John, E, Arizona State     1965
Sellers, Mike, FB, Walla Walla     1998-2000, 2004-11
Seno, Frank, B, George Washington    1943-44, 1949
Serwanga, Kato, CB, California    2001
Settles, Tony, LB, Elon     1987
Severson, Jeff, DB, Long Beach State     1972
Seymour, Bob, B, Oklahoma    1940-45
Shade, Sam, S, Alabama    1999-02
Sharp, Everett, T, California Tech     1944-45
Shedd, Kenny, WR, Northern Iowa    2000
Shepard, Derrick, WR, Oklahoma     1987-88
Shepherd, Bill, FB, Western Maryland    1935
Shepherd, Leslie, WR, Temple    1994-98
Shiner, Dick, QB, Maryland     1964-66
Shoener, Herb, E, Iowa     1948-49
Shorter, Jim, DB, Detroit    1964-67
Shugart, Clyde, G, Iowa State    1939-44
Shula, Don, DB, John Carroll    1957
Shuler, Heath, QB, Tennessee    1994-96
Siano, Tony, C, Fordham    1932
Siegert, Herb, G, Illinois    1949-51
Siemering, Larry, C, San Francisco    1935-36
Simmons, Ed, T, Eastern Washington    1987-97
Simmons, Roy, G, Georgia Tech    1983
Simon, John, RB, Louisiana Tech     2003
Simpson, Chad, RB, Morgan State     2010
Sims, Keith, G, Iowa State    1997-00
Sinclair, Matt, LB, Illinois    2007
Sinko, Steve, T, Duquesne    1934-36
Sistrunk, Manny, DT, Arkansas AM&N    1970-75
Skaggs, Justin, WR, Evangel     2002
Slivinski, Steve, G, Washington    1939-43
Smith, Ben, E, Alabama    1937
Smith, Bruce, DE, Virginia Tech    2000-03
Smith, Cedric, FB, Florida     1994-95
Smith, Clifton, LB, Syracuse    2003
Smith, Derek M., LB, Arizona State    1997-00
Smith, Dick, DB, Northwestern    1967-68
Smith, Ed, FB, NYU    1936
Smith, George, C, California    1937, 1941-43
Smith, Hunter, P, Notre Dame    2009-10
Smith, Hugh, E, Kansas    1962
Smith, Jack, E, Stanford     1943
Smith, Jerry, TE, Arizona State     1965-77
Smith, Jim, DB, Oregon    1968
Smith, Jimmy, RB, Elon    1984
Smith, John, WR, North Texas State    1978
Smith, Larry, RB, Florida     1974
Smith, Paul, DE, New Mexico    1979-80
Smith, Ricky, CB, Alabama State     1984
Smith, Riley, QB, Alabama    1936-38
Smith, Timmy, RB, Texas Tech    1987-88
Smith, Vernice, G, Florida A&M    1993-95
Smith, Willie, T, East Carolina    2011
Smoot, Fred, CB, Mississippi State    2001-04, 2007-08
Snead, Norm, QB, Wake Forest    1961-63
Sneddon, Bob, B, St. Mary’s (CA)     1944
Snidow, Ron, DE, Oregon     1963-67
Snipes, Angelo, LB, West Georgia     1986
Snow, Justin, LS, Baylor    2012
Snowden, Jim, T, Notre Dame     1965-71
Soboleski, Joe, G, Michigan     1949
Sommer, Mike, B, Geo. Wash    1958-59, 1961
Sommers, Jack, C, UCLA    1947
Spaniel, Frank, B, Notre Dame    1950
Sparks, Dave, G, South Carolina    1954
Spirida, John, E, St. Anselm’s     1939
Springs, Shawn, CB, Ohio State     2004-08
Stacco, Ed, T, Colgate    1948
Stai, Brenden, G, Nebraska    2002
Stallings, Don, E, North Carolina    1960
Stallworth, Donté, WR, Tennessee    2011
Stanfel, Dick, G, San Francisco    1956-58
Stanley, Walter, WR, Mesa (CO)    1990
Starke, George, T, Columbia    1973-84
Stasica, Leo, B, Colorado    1943
Staton, Jim, T, Wake Forest     1951
Steber, John, G, Georgia Tech    1946-50
Steffen, Jim, DB, UCLA    1961-65
Stenn, Paul, T, Villanova     1946
Stensrud, Mike, DT, Iowa State    1989
Stephens, Lenoard, TE, Howard     2002
Stephens, Louis, G, San Francisco    1955-60
Stephens, Rod, LB, Georgia Tech    1995-96
Steponovich, Mike, G, St. Mary’s    1933
Stevens, Matt, S, Appalachian State    1998-00
Stief, Dave, WR, Portland State     1983
Stits, Bill, DB, UCLA     1959
Stock, Mark, WR, VMI     1993
Stokes, Fred, DE, Georgia Southern    1989-92
Stokes, Tim, T, Oregon     1975-77
Stone, Ken, S, Vanderbilt     1973-75
Stout, Pete, B, TCU    1949-50
Stoutmire, Omar, S, Fresno State     2005, 2007
Stovall, Dick, C, Abilene Christian     1949
Stowe, Tyronne, LB, Rutgers    1994
Stralka, Clem, G, Georgetown     1938-42, 1945-46
Strickland, Fred, LB, Purdue    1999
Stuart, Jim, T, Oregon     1938
Stubblefield, Dana, DT, Kansas     1998-00
Sturt, Fred, G, Bowling Green     1974
Stynchula, Andy, DT, Penn State    1960-63
Suisham, Shaun, K, Bowling Green     2006-09
Sulfsted, Alex, G, Miami (OH)    2002
Suminski, Dave, G, Wisconsin    1953
Sundberg, Nick, LS, California     2010-14
Sutton, Ed, B, North Carolina     1957-59
Sutton, Eric, CB, San Diego State    1996
Sweeney, Walt, G, Syracuse    1974-75
Sykes, Bob, B, San Jose State    1952
Symonette, Josh, S, Tennessee Tech    2000
Szafaryn, Len, T, North Carolina     1949
Szott, Dave, OL, Penn State    2001

Talbert, Diron, DT, Texas     1971-80
Tamm, Ralph, T, West Chester     1991
Tanner, Barron, DT, Oklahoma     1999
Tapp, Darryl, LB, Virginia Tech    2013
Taylor, Charley, WR, Arizona State    1964-77
Taylor, Hugh (Bones), E, Oklahoma City     1947-54
Taylor, Jason, LB, DE, Akron     2008
Taylor, Keith, S, Illinois    1994-96
Taylor, Mike, T, USC     1971
Taylor, Roosevelt, DB, Grambling     1972
Taylor, Sean, S, Miami     2004-07
Temple, Mark, B, Oregon     1936
Tereshinski, Joe, E, Georgia     1947-54
Terrell, Daryl, OL, Southern Miss     2003
Terrell, David, CB, Texas - El Paso    2000-03
Theismann, Joe, QB, Notre Dame     1974-85
Theofiledes, Harry, QB, Waynesburg    1968
Thibodeaux, Keith, CB, NW Louisiana     1997
Thielemann, R.C., G, Arkansas    1985-88
Thomas, Chris, WR, C. Poly San Luis Obispo     1997-99
Thomas, Devin, WR, Michigan State    2008-10
Thomas, Duane, RB, West Texas State    1973-74
Thomas, George, B, Oklahoma    1950-51
Thomas, Johnny, CB, Baylor    1988-90, 92-94
Thomas, Mike, RB, UNLV      1975-78
Thomas, Phillip, S, Fresno State    2014
Thomas, Ralph, E, San Francisco    1955-56
Thomas, Randy, OL, Mississippi State    2003-09
Thomas, Spencer, S, Washburn    1975
Thompson, Brandyn, CB, Boise State    2011
Thompson, Chris, RB, Florida State    2013-14
Thompson, Derrius, WR, Baylor    1999-02
Thompson, Ricky, WR, Baylor    1978-81
Thompson, Steve, DT, Minnesota     1987
Thrash, James, WR, Missouri Southern    1997-2000, 04-08
Thure, Brian, T, California    1995
Thurlow, Steve, RB, Stanford    1966-68
Tice, Mike, TE, Maryland    1989
Tillman, Rusty, LB, Northern Arizona     1970-77
Tilton, Ron, G, Tulane    1986
Titchenal, Bob, C, San Jose State    1940-42
Todd, Dick, RB, Texas A&M    1939-42, 1945-48
Toibin, Brendan, K, Richmond    1987
Toneff, Bob, DT, Notre Dame    1959-64
Torain, Ryan, RB, Arizona State     2010-11
Torgeson, LaVern, LB, Washington State    1955-57
Torrence, Leigh, CB, Stanford    2006-07
Tosi, Flavio, E, Boston College     1934-36
Towns, Morris, T, Missouri    1984
Tracy, Tom, B, Tennessee     1963-64
Trotter, Jeremiah, LB, Stephen F. Austin     2002-03
Truitt, Dave, TE, North Carolina     1987
Truitt, Olanda, WR, Mississippi State    1994-95
Tucker, Ross, OL, Princeton    2001, 2007
Tryon, Justin, CB, Arizona State    2008
Tuckey, Dick, FB, Manhattan    1938
Tupa, Tom, P, Ohio State (IR 2005)     2004-05
Turk, Dan, C, Wisconsin    1997-99
Turk, Matt, P, Wisconsin-Whitewater     1995-99
Turley, Doug, E, Scranton     1944-48
Turner, J.T., G, Duke    1984
Turner, Jay, B, George Washington    1938-39
Turner, Kevin, LB, Pacific     1981
Turner, Scott, CB, Illinois    1995-97
Tuthill, James, K, Cal. Poly    2002
Tyrer, Jim, T, Ohio State    1974

Ucovich, Mitchell, T, San Jose State     1944
Uhlenhake, Jeff, C, Ohio State    1996-97
Ulinski, Harry, C, Kentucky    1950-51, 1953-56
Ungerer, Joe, T, Fordham    1944-45
Upshaw, Regan, DE, California    2003

Vactor, Ted, DB, Nebraska    1969-73
Vanderbeek, Matt, LB, Michigan State    1995-96
Varty, Mike, LB, Northwestern    1974
Vaughn, Clarence, S, Northern Illinois     1987-91
Venuto, Sam, B, Guilford    1952
Verdin, Clarence, WR, SW Louisiana    1986-87
Vereb, Ed, RB, Maryland    1960
Vickers, Kipp, T, Miami    1999, 2002
Vincent, Troy, DB, Wisconsin     2006
Vital, Lionel, RB, Nicholls State     1987
Voytek, Ed, G, Purdue    1957-58

Waddy, Ray, CB, Texas A&I     1979-80
Wade, Bob, DB, Morgan State     1969
Wade, Todd, OL, Mississippi    2006-07
Ward, David (Nubbin), E, Haskell Indian     1933
Ware, Kevin, TE, Washington    2003
Waechter, Henry, DT, Nebraska    1987
Wahler, Jim, DT, UCLA     1992-93
Walker, Brian, S, Washington State     1996-97
Walker, Marquis, CB, SE Missouri State     1996
Walker, Rick, TE, UCLA     1980-85
Walters, Tom, DB, Southern Mississippi     1964-67
Walton, Alvin, S, Kansas     1986-91
Walton, Frank, G, Pittsburgh     1934, 44-45
Walton, Joe, E, Pittsburgh    1957-60
Ward, Bill, G, Washington State    1946-47
Warner, Ron, DE, Kansas     2003-04
Warren, Don, TE, San Diego State     1979-92
Washington, Anthony, CB, Fresno State    1983-84
Washington, Fred, T, North Texas State     1968
Washington, James, S, UCLA     1995
Washington, Joe, RB, Oklahoma     1981-84
Washington, Marcus, LB, Auburn    2004-08
Washington, Mickey, CB, Texas A&M    1992
Waters, Dale (Muddy), T, Florida     1932-33
Watson, Jim, C, Pacific    1945
Watson, Kenny, RB, Penn State    2002
Watson, Sid, B, Northwestern    1958
Watts, George, T, Appalachian State     1942
Way, Tress, P, Oklahoma    2014
Weatherall, Jim, T, Oklahoma     1958
Weaver, Charlie, LB, USC    1981
Weil, Jack, P, Wyoming    1987
Weisenbaugh, Heinie, B, Pittsburgh    1935-36
Welch, Herb, DB, UCLA     1989
Weldon, Casey, QB, Florida St    1999
Weldon, Larry, QB, Presbyterian    1944-45
Weller, Rabbit (Bub), B, Haskell Indian     1933
Wells, Billy, B, Michigan State    1954, 1956-57
Westbrook, Byron, CB, Salisbury     2009-11
Westbrook, Michael, WR, Colorado     1995-2001
Westfall, Ed, B, Ohio Wesleyan    1932-33
Whisenhunt, Ken, TE, Georgia Tech    1990
White, Jeris, CB, Hawaii     1980-82
White, Markus, LB, Florida State    2011-12
Whited, Marvin, G, Oklahoma     1942, 45
Whitfield, A.D., RB, North Texas State    1966-68
Whitley, Taylor, OL, Texas A&M    2006
Whitlow, Bob, C, Arizona    1960-61
Wiggin, Paul, T, Oregon    1998
Wilbur, John, G, Stanford     1971-74
Wilburn, Barry, CB, Mississippi     1985-89
Wilde, George, B, Texas A&M    1947
Wilder, James, RB, Missouri    1990
Wilkerson, Basil, E, Oklahoma City     1932
Wilkin, Willie, T, St. Mary’s (CA)    1938-43
Wilkins, Roy, LB, Georgia    1960-61
Wilkinson, Dan, DT, Ohio State    1998-2002
Williams, Clarence, RB, South Carolina     1982
Williams, Doug, QB, Grambling    1986-89
Williams, Eddie, FB, Idaho    2009
Williams, Edwin, C/G, Maryland     2009
Williams, Eric, DT, Washington State    1990-93
Williams, Fred, T, Arkansas    1964-65
Williams, Gerard, DB, Langston     1976-78
Williams, Greg, FS, Mississippi State    1982-85
Williams, Jamel, S, Nebraska    1997-99
Williams, Jeff, T, Rhode Island    1978-80
Williams, John, B, USC     1952-53
Williams, Keiland, RB, LSU     2010, 12
Williams, Kevin, CB, Iowa State     1985, 1988
Williams, Madieu, S, Maryland    2012
Williams, Marvin, TE, Fullerton State    1987
Williams, Michael, TE, Alabama A&M    1982-84
Williams, Mike, G, Texas     2009
Williams, Nick, WR, Connecticut    2013
Williams, Robert, CB, Baylor     1993
Williams, Roydell, WR, Tulane     2010
Williams, Sid, LB, Southern     1967
Williams, Trent, T, Oklahoma     2010-14
Williams, Trevardo, LB, Connecticut    2014
Williamson, Ernie, T, North Carolina    1947
Willis, Keith, DT, Northeastern    1993
Willis, Larry, S, Texas-El Paso     1973
Wilson, Bobby, DT, Michigan State    1991-94
Wilson, Chris, DE, Northwood University    2007-10, 12
Wilson, Eric, LB, Maryland    1987
Wilson, Josh, CB, Maryland    2011-13
Wilson, Mark, OL, California    2004
Wilson, Ted, WR, Central Florida     1987
Wilson, Wayne, RB, Shepard     1987
Winans, Tydus, WR, Fresno State     1994-95
Winey, Brandon, OT, LSU     2003
Windham, David, LB, Jackson State     1987
Wingate, Heath, C, Bowling Green    1967
Winslow, Doug, WR, Drake     1976-77
Witucki, Casimir, G, Indiana    1950-51, 1953-56
Wonsley, Otis, RB, Alcorn State    1981-85
Woodard, Dick, C, Iowa     1952
Woodberry, Dennis, CB, S. Arkansas     1987-88
Woodruff, Lee, FB, Mississippi     1932
Woods, Tony, DE, Pittsburgh     1994-96
Wooten, John, G, Colorado     1968
Wooten, Mike, C, VMI    1987
Worthington, Doug, DE, Ohio State    2012
Wright, Kenny, CB, Northwestern State     2006
Wright, Steve, T, Alabama    1970
Wright, Toby, CB     1999
Wright, Ted, B, North Texas State    1934-35
Wuerffel, Danny, QB, Florida    2002
Wulff, Jim, B, Michigan State    1960-61
Wyant, Fred, QB, West Virginia    1956
Wyche, Sam, QB, Furman    1971-73
Wycheck, Frank, TE-FB, Maryland    1993-94
Wycoff, Doug, FB, Georgia Tech    1934
Wynn, Renaldo, DL, Notre Dame    2002-06, 09
Wynne, William, DE, Tennessee State    1977
Wysocki, Pete, LB, Western Michigan    1975-80

Yarber, Eric, WR, Idaho    1986-87
Yeboah-Kodie, Phil, LB, Penn State    1995
Yoder, Todd, TE, Vanderbilt    2006-09
Yonakor, John, E, Notre Dame    1952
Youel, Jim, B, Iowa    1946-48
Young, Bill, T, Alabama    1937-42, 1946
Young, Darrel, FB, Villanova    2010-14
Young, Roy, T, Texas A&M    1938
Young, Wilbur, DE, William Penn     1981
Youngblood, Jim, LB, Tennessee Tech    1984
Yowarsky, Walt, E, Kentucky    1951, 54

Zagers, Bert, B, Michigan State    1955, 1957-58
Zelenka, Joe, LS, Wake Forest     2000
Zellner, Peppi, DE, Fort Valley State    2003
Zendejas, Max, K, Arizona    1986
Zeno, Joe, G, Holy Cross     1942-44
Zorich, Chris, DT, Notre Dame     1997
Zimmerman, Roy, B, San Jose State     1940-42