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85th Anniversary Redskins Fan Stories: The Banner Family

Posted Sep 20, 2017

As the Redskins celebrate their 85th anniversary this season, take a look at some diehard Redskins fans tell their stories of fandom, and submit yours today.

If you want a portrait of how Redskins fandom is passed down through the generations, just look to the Banner family.

Jerry Banner, his son Darren Banner, and his son Xavier Dameron, have made watching the Redskins a family tradition, which started with Jerry’s own father.

“I learned about the Redskins through my dad,” Jerry said. “I go back through the era of Sammy Baugh, Charlie Justice, those were some dismal years but we stuck with them.”

As a family passes down its devotion from one member to the next, it is understandable that there will periods of time that test fandom. For Jerry, it has also provided important lessons about sticking with your favorite team.

“I developed a fondness for the team and also understood loyalty amongst family members,” Darren said. “It’s almost like a life lesson. You don’t give up on a person or your team if they’re going through a bad time. You encourage them, uplift them, support them, so that everybody can celebrate the victory once we finally get to where we need to be.”

Darren expressed that his favorite player in Redskins history remains Sean Taylor, whom he considers the best player on the roster ever. As for Xavier, he prefers a current defender.

“I like Bashaud Breeland, I like his attitude,” Xavier said. “I first noticed him in 2014 against the Cowboys in Dallas, he shut down Dez Bryant and pretty much won the game.”

As for the next generation, Xavier promises one thing.

“The Redskins are going to stay in the family.”

Now that you’ve heard the Banner family's story, it’s your turn! Share a Redskins memory, story, photo or video on social media using #AllHail OR submit it here and become a part of Redskins history.

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