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Quotes: Head Coach Jay Gruden (08-29-2016)

Posted Aug 29, 2016

A transcript of Redskins head coach Jay Gruden's press conference Aug. 29, 2016.

Head Coach Jay Gruden    

On if he has any further update on WR Josh Doctson:

“Yes, he did more today.”

On if Doctson could play in the fourth preseason game:

“He might be able to, but we’re going to hold him out the fourth preseason game though. But he’s come along. He ran some individual cuts today and I was able to throw to him a little bit, watch him in person. He looked good coming in and out of breaks, looked very good.”

On if Doctson could still potentially play in the season opener:

“Oh, yeah. No question, no question.”

On other injury updates:

“Yeah, Keith Marshall looks like he’ll be out at least three weeks. We’ll get him reevaluated at that time and go from there. [Ryan] Kerrigan’s groin, he’s day-to-day. Spencer Long, ankle; we hope to get him up for Week 1. Matt Jones is progressing well with the shoulder. [Kory] Lichtensteiger was held out today, just a precautionary. [He] had some work done on his shoulder, just a little sore, but he’ll be OK. Everybody else practiced.”

On if the failed physical was the reason for the voided Bryan Stork trade:


On adding DE Cullen Jenkins:

“It adds another veteran player with some flexibility on the defensive line. He’s played three-technique, he’s played nose [tackle], he’s played the ‘four’, he’s played the ‘five.’ He’s played a little bit of everything in his career. He’s in good shape. We worked him out today. We wanted to see in what kind of shape he was, what type of body he had right now. He looked like he was good. He moved around good. Got to get his legs back under him out here at practice, get a good look at him, and we’ll make a decision. But to add a veteran player of that caliber I think is a good thing.”

On the disappointment of the Stork situation:

“Yeah, it’s disappointing. I’m sure he’s disappointed. We’re disappointed, but it happens every year. When people get traded or picked up they have to pass physicals and every physical is different. Until all that gets taken care of – they report, they pass a physical – as a coach, there’s really not a lot you can do until they actually get into the pads and into practice. It’s unfortunate. He’s a great kid and obviously a very good player, and hopefully… Every physical is different on every team, so it might be different somewhere else, but it didn’t work out here.”

On clarification on the work done to C Kory Lichtensteiger’s shoulder:

“Just some rehab stuff, so he’s a little sore. That’s all. Just maintenance-type stuff.”

On Lichtensteiger’s progression and his strength after the shoulder injury last season:

“Good, good. He’s worked hard in the weight room to get his strength back. He just has a little soreness and we want to take care of it and address it. Gave him the day off today and he should be ready to go tomorrow.”

On the centers without Stork:

“Well, before we got him, I thought we were doing pretty well at center. You know, I think like I said, Kory’s done well. Spencer has done a great job of adjusting to the center position to give us depth. Josh LeRibeus played a lot of center for us last year, and then Austin [Reiter] has had a very good camp. So I think we’ve got four centers in-house that are pretty darn good, so I feel good about the ones that we have.”

On if he is looking at adding another running back:

“Not yet, no. I think we’ll let Mack [Brown] handle the duties against Tampa and obviously Rob [Kelley] will get some duties. And then we have Joe Kerridge that can also get back there if need be. Those three guys will get the carries in Week 4 and we’ll go from there. It’d be great work for them.”

On if he has approached players about comments by San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick:

“I haven’t talked to the players about it yet. We are going to have a team meeting tomorrow and we might bring it up then, but for the most part we haven’t had that issue here. We take very much pride in our relationship with the military. We went to Andrews Air Force base the other day and everybody that was there stayed after, signed some autographs. [We have a] ton of respect for what goes on for our country with those people. For three minutes for us to take our helmet off and stand up and give respect is how we treat it here with the Redskins.”

On the position battle between G Spencer Long and G Shawn Lauvao:

“Well, Spencer is a little bit banged up right now with his ankle. Like I said, that position is very close. The leaps and bounds that Spencer made throughout the season getting better was impressive last year. He was playing behind Shawn, who was playing extremely well before his injury. Now Shawn is 100 percent healthy and I think that is something is going to come down to the end. I think that’s something that we’ll announce probably Wednesday or Thursday of the week before Pittsburgh, but both of them are very good players and it is going to be a tough decision but we can’t go wrong either way.”

On T Trent Williams’ first preseason action:

He did good. He looked like he hadn’t missed a beat. He’s athletic. He has got his weight at a really good spot right now. He can really move and he played extremely well and he’s physical. Some things that I know he wants to clean up, you have such high expectations that when he misses a block or misses something at the point of attack, it’s like you are just confused. ‘How did that happen?’ He is just getting back into the flow, and he’s obviously a major factor for us.”

On if penalties called in the Buffalo game highlighted the need to reiterate legal tackling to the players:

Yeah, I pulled them [the penalized tackles from the Buffalo game] all up in the meeting after the game. Pulled them all up and we went over them. The one hit they called low on the Buffalo Bills I thought was a good hit, but it is just a matter of this is what the referees are seeing and it is important to talk about. The targets are becoming smaller and smaller for the quarterbacks, and protection is necessary for the quarterbacks but it is something that the defenders have to be aware of. You can’t go low and you can’t hit them in the head, period. It is important for us to continue to watch that and learn from what referees are calling and we have to continue to go over that and preach it and coach it.”

On if QB Colt McCoy will start or if it will be “Nate Sudfeld’s show” against Tampa Bay: 

“We are going to start Nate. ‘The Nate Sudfeld Show,’ I like it.” 

On T Ty Nsekhe playing on the right side:

“Ty, I’ve been very impressed with Ty for a while now – since he came in here. You know, he’s one of the older rookies we’ve ever had here. But, he’s really progressed nicely. He’s as good a tackle, swing tackle – you know, he’s playing both left and right side – and he’s able to perform nicely at both sides. And Bill [Callahan] has done an excellent job with him with his technique. But Ty is such a large man with great feet and so much strength that he’s a very good tackle for us and we would not hesitate one bit if he had to play in a game for any amount of time. He’s played very well.”

On if he was familiar with Jenkins:

“Yeah, you know, I played against him when I was in Cincinnati and he was at Philly. He wrecked the game a little bit from time to time, and then obviously with Giants he played well against us. So, he’s just a guy that came to our attention and I thought and Scot [McCloughan] thought, why not bring him in for a workout? We saw him at the workout. He’s big, he’s physical, and he looked good. Looked like he was in good shape so let’s get him out here in pads today and look at him tomorrow and then we’ll go from there.”

On the roster options for RB Keith Marshall:

“Well, there’s a lot of options that Scot will have to go through with you guys and that’s something we’re trying to figure out with our roster. Something could be done today or tomorrow with him, but we’re going to wait and get the final prognosis, but we’re thinking it’s about a three-week injury. Whether you put him on IR, whether you… we have to do something with him for the roster spot, without a doubt. That’s something we’ll figure out.”

On the difficulty of the timing of the length Marshall’s recovery:

“It’s a tough spot, it is a tough spot. It’s kind of similar to [Martrell] Spaight’s concussion last year. We weren’t sure how long it was going to be and we ended up having to put him on IR and we’re glad we did because it gave him time to get well. It’s something we’re going to have to talk about with Larry [Hess] and Scot [McCloughan] here in the next couple hours.”

On what he remembers about Jenkins’ pass-rush and run-stopping ability:

“Well, he’s good at both. That’s one thing, I think, he provided was good pass rush, but he’s a really good run defender. He’s versatile. He can play inside right over the center. He can play over the guard and be effective. He’s a strong, powerful man that knows football and knows blocking schemes, knows protections and knows how to beat them. We’ll get a look at him. We have some guys in-house that we’re very happy with. Kendall [Reyes] has done well and Ricky [Jean Francois] and Bake [Chris Baker] and [Stephen] Paea, and these guys have played well. Just another big body to add in the mix and see what we have when it’s all said and done.”

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