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Redskins Huddle Up For Healthy Habits

Posted Oct 17, 2012

Redskins WR's Brandon Banks and Joshua Morgan spent their Tuesday off-day teaching area school children healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Redskins receivers Joshua Morgan and Brandon Banks both grew up in the video game generation and understand the the appeal of sitting inside for entertainment.

But it isn't something they can relate to.

Whether it was an organized sport or just playing around with friends, both Banks and Morgan spent most of their younger years outside, conditioning their bodies for a lifetime of athletics.

"This generation now, they sit in front of the Playstation too much," Morgan said.  "They don't pick up a book or go outside.  Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways, but I still don't play video games.

"I was that kid who said, 'Forget playing that game, when we could go outside and play for real. Come play me one-on-one.'"

Morgan and Banks teamed with the Redskins Charitable Foundation and the United Way of the National Capital Area to host the Redskins Hometown Huddle: Play 60 event for more than 700 students at Hollywood Elementary on Tuesday afternoon.

Using gym entertainment, dancing and recess games, Banks and Morgan hoped to instill a lifelong value in staying healthy and active.

"Some of these kids might be my cousins," said Morgan, a Washington native.  "You never know whose life you're going to touch with an event like this. 

"It's very important just to keep them healthy and active, because this is when they're learning.  The more they get out there and try new things, the more they'll want to do."

Banks has been a fixture at this event, winning a dance-off against the teachers last year and signing autographs for some of his smallest fans.

He volunteered to return for Tuesday's event, because it is a message he strongly advocates.

"I did the event last year and it turned out really well," he said.  "Just preaching to the kids to stay fit while young.  This is an opportunity for them to learn and not grow up lazy."

Banks had minimal downtime growing up, staying involved with football, basketball, baseball and track--anything that gave him a chance to run.

"You couldn't keep me in the house as a kid," he said with a grin. "I was always involved in an activity."

"Everyone should exercise, if they're old or young," he continued. "If you preach it to them while they're young, it will stick with them."




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