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Redskins Focus On 'Situational Football’

Posted Jul 30, 2014

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said he likes what he’s seen of his team’s offense through one week of training camp practices.

Week 1 of training camp is for installation. Week 2 is for working on situations.

That’s according to Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, speaking Wednesday one week after the Redskins arrived in Richmond, Va., for training camp at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center.

For the offense, the first few days of training camp were spent installing dozens of plays – as many as 60 in one night, according to head coach Jay Gruden.

Now that those plays are seared into the players’ memories, it’s time to begin testing them out in various capacities, such as from different yard lines all over the field and against different defensive looks.

“Now you’ve got to run the plays versus the right scenarios and in the right situation and have to be able to execute them whether it’s a good look (or not), because coach will script a play versus bad coverage,” Griffin III told reporters. “It’s our job to either get out of that play or give the ball to the right guy in that play. That’s really what Week 2 is all about.”

Griffin III on Wednesday got an early opportunity to test out a broken play against his team’s first team defensive unit. He took what appeared to be a quarterback keeper on an intended read option play and found a hole down the left sideline.

From there, it was a foot race to the end zone between the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and middle linebacker Keenan Robinson, who got a hand on Griffin III but might not have brought him down had it been an actual game.

“I don’t equate back touches to tackles,” Griffin III said with a laugh. “I told Keenan that he was running extremely well. That’s all I can say. We all feel offensively it was a touchdown, and I certainly thought it was a touchdown.”

Griffin III later admitted, however, that the play wasn’t intended to be a zone read, but it just happened to work out that way.

“It was bad look for that zone read play, so I just say ‘Let it ride and allow my running back to get clobbered, or I take the risk,’ and I did,” Griffin III said. “It was high risk, high reward, and it was rewarding.”

The zone read was a major aspect of the Redskins’ offense two seasons ago, when Griffin III and running back Alfred Morris utilized the play to form one of the more dangerous quarterback-running back rushing duos in league history.

Now that most NFL teams have seemed to have caught on to the best ways to defend the zone read, Griffin III said the Redskins only plan to use it here and there in 2014.

“We will mix in screens and reads and take our shots,” Griffin III said. “We will run the ball, and if a zone read creeps in there now and then, it doesn’t bother me. It’s whatever coach Gruden and coach McVay want to do there.”

Screen plays – a major aspect of Gruden’s offense the past three years when he was offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals – should be another nice option on any down, Griffin III said.

“It gives defenses another thing to think about,” he said. “They can’t just pin their ears back and go at you. I think it’s something that coach is used to. He had Giovani Bernard in Cincinnati, a great screen back, a great option choice back which is what he’s looking for. We will find the back in the group that can do that for us, and he will definitely put that in the game plan.”




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