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Brinson: Under-The-Radar Approach Working

Posted Mar 6, 2014

CBS Sports Sr. NFL Writer Will Brinson gave thumbs up on the Redskins' offseason so far, saying that the fact that the Redskins are out of the public eye is a good thing.

It's no news that the Washington Redskins have made national headlines in 2013.

From the mercurial rise to the playoffs in 2012, to an abrupt end of a magical 2012 season amidst injury and controversy, the 2013 season was in disarray from the start.

Throw in a quarterback change, swirling rumors, internal leaks and an eight-game losing streak, and the Redskins have had their share of problems.

But over the first two months of the 2014 calendar, the Redskins have remained largely under the radar, shifting regimes and taking care of internal business on the eve of free agency.

That perception isn't just shared within the beltway; indeed it is held by NFL observers around the league.

Will Brinson, Senior NFL Writer for CBS Sports, recently sat down with Brian Tinsman from Redskins.com to discuss the "no news is good news" approach to the offseason so far.

"I think it’s been good," he said specifically of the abbreviated coaching search. "They identified several candidates, found their guy and went out and got him.

"A lot of times to me, you see these teams--the Browns are a great example--total train wreck. The longer and more drawn a coaching search is, the more awkward it gets for everybody and the worse the team looks.

"I thought the they did a good job. It seemed that they made a pretty seamless transition."

Brinson explained that the key to any head coaching change is identifying a candidate that can be a long-term solution.

"You want somebody who understands the importance of delegating, from a responsibility standpoint," Brinson said. "I think Jay [Gruden], based on his previous experience, understands that.

"I think from that perspective it’s a really good move by Washington to bring him in. I think he will do well, especially if he puts guys around him, and that’s the whole thing.

"If you put guys around a head coach, and delegate the responsibility well, then all of the sudden you have a great system in place. I think from that standpoint, smart move."

Since then, the Redskins have made move to clear cap space while still retaining defenders DeAngelo Hall, Chris Baker and Brian Orakpo.

Compared to last offseason and years before, however, the Redskins have virtually fallen off the radar. And that's a good thing.

"There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about them. That’s the best thing. Nobody is talking about the Redskins," Brinson said with a smile. "That’s good for the Redskins. From a Redskins.com perspective, you want news, you want people talking about it, but the less offseason discussion there is, the better off the team is.

"You look at people talking about the Browns all offseason. That’s not good for the Browns, so I think from that perspective, it’s good for the Redskins."

Brinson liked the move to sign Hall and anticipated that the Redskins would lose Orakpo if they didn't secure him with the franchise tag.

"You have to do the tag and then try to work something out," he said, emphatically. "And the whole point of the franchise tag is supposed to be to work out a deal.

"Give him a one shot year, he’s playing to prove a contract. Can he stay healthy? Can he put up big numbers? And if does, then maybe you ink him to a deal or maybe you let him walk.

"Pass rushers are so valuable, that to me, you can’t just let him walk for free."

Tune back in to Redskins.com over the next few days to see how Will Brinson expects the offense to shake out in 2014 and how the team will rebound from a 3-13 season.




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