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Player Appearances


As a part of the Redskins community outreach efforts, players will make appearances for non-profit organizations, schools and civic functions based on their availability. Players are available for a limited number of appearances, depending on the time of year. All requests must be submitted through the team’s online request form. The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation/Community Relations Department will contact the individual submitting the request to confirm receipt.

Player Appearance Request Form

While we make every effort to reach out to all areas of the community, the limited number of appearance opportunities available and the tremendous volume of requests received make it impossible for us to fulfill each request. Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance. All requests must be received at least 8 weeks prior to your scheduled event to allow maximum time for consideration. When submitting a request, you must select a specific date for your appearance; requests with "open date availability" will not be considered.

If a player is interested and available to attend your event, confirmation will be made 1 week prior to the event, and thus organizations should not base the planning of their event around the player participation. After you have received confirmation of the request, please do not reach out to the organization further – you will be contacted if more information is required.

Timing Guidelines

Player availability is dependent on vacation and training schedules.

Players participate in voluntary workouts and mandatory mini-camps and might be available depending on their schedule.

July and August:
Players participate in voluntary workouts and mandatory mini-camps and may be available depending on practice schedules.

Players are not available during Training Camp.

Players are only available on Mondays, as this is the typical day off. Players are not available during the BYE week or weekend.

As a general rule, the Redskins do not make return visits to organizations within a 12-month period. An approved appearance in one year does not ensure annual participation by the Redskins.

Appearance Criteria

We hope to assist programs in the community that will use player appearances as an incentive/enhancement of the program. We want this experience to be beneficial for those involved with your event and for the players themselves. Therefore, please be advised that the following criteria will be considered when reviewing player appearance requests:

  • Appearance must include a clear role for the player at the event that will impact participants in a meaningful way (i.e. read books, distribute awards, etc.). Autograph sessions will not be considered Players will not participate in school career days (due to the small percentage of athletes who reach the NFL, these appearances are not practical; we instead recommend requesting a visit from a member of the Redskins Business staff).
  • Players are not permitted to participate in athletic functions with risk of injury (i.e. basketball games, etc.).
  • Appearances must maximize the player’s time with the largest number of children impacted by the visit.
  • Unpaid player appearances typically last 1 hour in length.
    - Players will only make unpaid appearances for non-profit organizations, schools and civic functions, based on their availability. Many civic organizations do offer honorariums to players or offer to make donations to the charity of the athlete’s choice. Individual and family requests will not be considered.
    - There will be a fee for all other appearances based on an individual player’s hourly rate.
    - Paid promotional appearances can vary in length.
Promoting Player Appearances

The Washington Redskins must approve use of the Washington Redskins’ name, logos and trademarks and/or any advertising that implies the support of sponsorship of an event by the Redskins or the NFL. Before promoting a Redskins player appearance, please confirm with the Community Relations Department for appropriate practices.

The Washington Redskins are proud to be a philanthropic leader in the community and it’s our goal to make a difference in the lives of our fans. If you have an auction associated with your event, visit Donation Options for information and request form.

Redskins Cheerleader Appearance Requests

For Redskins Cheerleader requests, please contact Jamilla Keene, Assistant Director, Marketing & Program for the  Redskins Cheerleaders at 301-276-6735 or visit the Cheerleaders section of

Redskins Alumni Appearance Requests

For Redskins Alumni appearance requests please contact Jerry Olsen, Redskins Alumni Coordinator, at 703-726-7000. Visit for additional services.