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Cheerleaders Get Fit With Barre3

Posted May 9, 2014

Redskins Cheerleader, Taylor, talks about her first experience with Barre3!

Barre class was a foreign concept to me when we were first told our team bonding would be held at this location. My immediate thought was, “I haven’t taken ballet in years!” I was both excited, yet nervous to take a class so unfamiliar to me. My normal exercise routine consists of weight training, so I approached the class with an open mind, and welcomed a new practice of exercise.

Our instructor Sarah made everyone in the class feel very welcomed with her bubbly and warm personality. An engaging instructor is always a large factor when I decide if I will return to a fitness class. Sarah’s personality could be described by many as a breath of fresh air. She thoroughly began to explain that the classes are geared towards every level of fitness, and that you may cater to your own needs if necessary. About ten minutes into the class, I began sweating more than I normally would after a long cardio session. I couldn’t believe how such minimal movements and static placements had fired up my muscles. As the class continued, I kept telling myself how much I needed more of this balance in my life. I was working muscles that I hadn’t controlled in years, simply because I hadn’t been open to expanding my workout options. Sarah was constantly moving throughout the studio, making sure everyone had proper form and engaging the correct muscles. She wanted to make sure we all had the highest quality workout as possible. Throughout the class we incorporated dumbbells, a ballet bar, and also an exercise ball, all of which can be adjusted to fitness level. The floor work where we focused on abdominals was by far my favorite and the most challenging. As a former personal trainer, these were all completely new exercises for me. It’s amazing how much of a whole body workout we achieved in such little time.  My biggest indication of a successful workout has always been how my body feels the next day. I woke up the next morning with sore muscles from head to toe. The kind of sore you can’t help but smile about, because you know it was an effective workout.  

Barre3 is very much about the mind and body connection, as well as properly fueling your body with whole foods, all of which are a very important part of my life. The upbeat, positive atmosphere makes the class much of something you would want to incorporate into your weekly workouts routines. My teammates and I are very appreciative that Barre3 sponsored our team bonding event, and we hope to be back soon!